Submitting Content on FiWEH Life

FiWEH Life is looking for interesting stories on a wide range of topics from various parts of the world.  We publish posts from guest writers/bloggers, and press releases from public relations representatives, affiliated media agencies and advertisers.

We accept content such as news, entertainment, gaming, social, political, technological, business and cultural stories for our worldwide audience.  We also accept sponsored blog posts that are in line with our post guidelines.

Submitting A Guest Post

Guest posts are submitted by writers who have a passion for writing about developing news, celebrity gossip, sports, music, movies and TV shows, social and economic issues within their region of the world.

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Submitting A Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts, also known as a promoted posts are blog entries or posts that contain links that point to the homepage or specific product pages of the website of the sponsor for which FiWEH Life receives compensation.  In accordance with U.S. Federal laws all sponsored content must be disclosed to consumers, therefore all sponsored posts on FiWEH Life will be labeled as such, so select “Sponsored Posts” in the category list.

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Submitting Music/Videos

We accept music and video submissions with audio or video links from sources like YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. The only thing we require for each submission is the following:

Post Title: Artist Name – Song Title

Post Content: Description should consist of what the song is about, the production process and potential message to listeners. In addition to the record label, date of release, and link to audio or video source (YouTube, Sound cloud, etc).

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Pre-submission Guideline: 

  • Select the category for your story.
  • submit stories that are free from plagiarism, spinning and/or paraphrasing
  • submit stories that are not intended to be insensitive to current issues
  • submit stories that are humorous, informative, and socially conscious
  • provide quotes that are referenced and information sources provided when necessary.
  • do not submit stories that promotes pornography, gambling, smoking, discrimination and hate messages
  • submit stories that have current relevance and look at current social, political, and cultural events happening right now.
  • submit stories that consists of at least 150 words and associated with an image or video.
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  • Submissions will be reviewed thoroughly and if it meets our guidelines it will be published.
  • If story do not meet our guidelines content owner will be notified via email.