Kidding Review: Jim Carrey’s New Show Might Be the Saddest Comedy on TV

Yes, Showtime’s new series Kidding stars legendary comedian Jim Carrey, and yes, each episode is a half-hour long, but don’t be fooled: It’s not a comedy. Instead, this decidedly strange show — debuting Sunday,...

Jack Ryan Review: Amazon’s Thriller Is Action-Packed, But the Drama Misfires

Let’s start with the good news: Amazon’s awkwardly titled Tom Clancy’sJack Ryan (debuting Friday, Aug. 31 on the streamer) is at its best when things are exploding, delivering a number of impressively high-octane action...

Pose Is the Best Family Drama on TV

When it comes to a show like FX’s Pose, the category is… hard to define.RELATEDPose Renewed for Season 2 at FXAmong other things, the Ryan Murphy-produced drama is at once a glossy tribute to...

Castle Rock Review: Hulu’s Eerie Anthology Gets Stephen King Right

Hollywood’s track record with adapting the works of Stephen King is spotty at best: For every Carrie or It the movie, there’s a Dark Tower or It the miniseries. So Hulu was smart to...

Live: DC`s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Viewing I had the opportunity to finally watch the final episodes of the third season and like last season I am convinced this is one of the most likable series on television.  I appreciate the...

The Bold Type 2×04 — Kat/Adena

Kat and Adena talk about the latter's lesbian artist community in TVLine's exclusive video from "The Bold Type." Follow TVLine on... Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Sharp Objects Review: HBO’s Grim Thriller Is a Frustratingly Slow Burn

All the elements are in place for Sharp Objects to be your next TV obsession. It’s based on a novel by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn (great!), it stars Amy Adams (love her!) and...

Shades of Blue 3×02 — Harlee Reacts to Nava’s Death

In a scene from NBC's "Shades of Blue" (Sundays at 10/9c), Harlee is quick to cast blame for Nava's tragic death. Follow TVLine on... Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Young & Hungry 5×12: Third Wheel

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from 'Young & Hungry,' airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform. Follow TVLine on... Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Cloak & Dagger 1×03 — Tandy’s Vision Of Tyrone

Tandy learns more about Tyrone's past in this clip from Episode 3 of 'Marvel's Cloak & Dagger,' airing June 14 on Freeform. Follow TVLine on... Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

GLOW Review: Pulling No Punches, Season 2 Packs an Emotional Wallop

Sitting down to review Season 2 of Netflix’s GLOW, I tried to settle on the word that best described it, and “hard” was the one I kept coming back to — and not just...

Queer Eye Season 2 Review: More Love, More Laughs, More Lives Changed

Unlike the fashion-challenged Georgia residents to whom the Fab Five lend its aid, Queer Eye required no tweaks heading into its highly anticipated second season. If anything, the self-improvement show manages to boil itself down to its purest form in Season 2 — which hits Netflix in its entirety on Friday, June 15 — leaving […]

Dietland Review: AMC’s Acid-Tongued Drama Bites Off More Than It Can Chew

Watching AMC’s new drama Dietland is kind of like eating at a buffet that serves every variety of cuisine imaginable. You fill up your plate with baby back ribs, and mushroom risotto, and an egg roll… and suddenly, you’re feeling queasy. I had a hard time digesting the first two episodes of Dietland — which […]

Arrested Development Review: A Tired Season 5 Feels Like a Huge Mistake

Oh no. Ouch. Yeesh. Is this what people who never liked Arrested Development see when they watch Arrested Development? As a die-hard fan of the Bluths’ unique brand of family dysfunction — I’m even in the tiny minority that actually liked Season 4 — I squealed like Lucille seeing Gene Parmesan when Netflix announced it […]

Unexpected TV Show Cancellations In 2017-2018 Season

If you love to watch television shows and have dedicated series you follow, you may be surprised to see that one of those shows you spend time watching was suddenly cancelled.  At this point,...

The 100 Six Years Later

Fear the Walking Dead Review: Why the AMC Drama Deserves a Reevaluation

It’s unusual for TVLine to review a series after it’s debuted, never mind four seasons into its run. But what’s happened to Fear the Walking Dead is beyond unusual. Since the AMC drama installed as its new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, it’s gone from being an adequate stopgap between seasons of The Walking […]

Kevin Can Wait: Cancelled; No Season Three for CBS Monday Night Sitcom

When it escaped today’s earlier cancellations, it looked like Kevin James might get a third season with his most recent sitcom, but that was not to be. CBS has cancelled the Kevin Can Wait TV show, and now the fans’ wait has come to an end. EP Andy Fickman broke the bad news. Check out his […]

Will There Be A Season Two of BBC’s Troy Fall Of A City?

Cobra Kai Review: Karate Kid Sequel Does More Than Just Wax Nostalgic

With the TV landscape absolutely flooded with reboots and revivals right now, I wouldn’t blame you for raising a skeptical eyebrow in the direction of Cobra Kai, the new Karate Kid sequel series debuting today on YouTube Red. But patience, Daniel-san: Based on the two episodes I’ve seen, what seems at first like a cheap […]

The Conscious Underground – We Need More Love

The Conscious Underground performing "We Need More Love" which is a message that resonate with Reggae fans across the world that live in societies...



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