Best New Product 2018 – Nominee: Nescafé Frappélatte

Nescafé Frappélatte is... the newest indulgence from NestleIt is a... unique and refreshing treat with the perfect balance between the best of Nescafé and delicious ice cream. 

Banyan Foods: Jamosas

I made these products because... of a general need for more convenience foods which are tasty and have little or no preservatives or hidden ingredients. As a caterer I experienced first-hand the pains it took to prepare especially appetisers. So I wanted to come up with a product that would fill this need/void. I currently supply a few other caterers, restaurants and hotels. 

Appleton Estate Rum: Jamaica’s Most Oldest and Popular Rum

Sometimes when you are doing research, you come across things that are very interesting.  As I was looking at the history of "I Love...

Tamie’s Vegan Restaurant in American Village, Okinawa, Japan

When you don't eat meat, there are times when you will have the craving for it, but you know that you shouldn't.  

Where To Experience Canadian Cuisine In Seoul, Korea

Like most countries in western civilizations, waves of immigration in the 19th and 20th century codified modern Canadian cuisines.  The cuisines are heavily influences by...

The Home Cook: Scrambled Eggs,Spinach and Bananas

Jamaican meals are always vibrant and tasty but sometimes it takes a little while to put them together. If you are looking for an...

Jamaican Eating Bibimbap In Seoul, Korea

After spending more than seven days in Korea, I finally made my way to Seoul and it was there I finally got what I've...

Jamaican Eating Curry Pilaf in Pohang, Korea

The day before going to Cosmos, I walked around for almost two hours in search of a place to eat.  I ordered french fries...

Spicy Seafood Noodle in Pohang Korea

I am not one to travel frequently because I am one of those Jamaicans who love dem yard.  Unfortunately, being a part of the...

“What Resorts Offer Gluten Free Dining?”

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST This question is being asked more often now than ever and the answer is usually not advertised in a resort brochure or hotel chain website. Gluten-free is a diet that treats celiac disease and excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein composite found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. When you […]
Ingredient In Hundreds Of Popular Foods Found To Stimulate Spread Of Cancer

Ingredient In Hundreds Of Popular Foods Found To Stimulate Spread Of Cancer

BARCELONA, Spain, Friday January 6, 2017 – You might not cook with it, but you almost certainly eat or use palm oil, and new research suggests that consuming it while suffering from cancer makes the disease more deadly.

Mikkel Vang

Why Jamaican Food Has Never Been Better

The text from my old friend Blaise Hart pinged as my plane landed one morning last summer at Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport. We were soon roaring in Blaise’s pickup along the coastal highway, until he swerved into the restaurant—a chill, thatched-roof institution beloved by islanders and knowing tourists.

Ocean Breeze: Salmon BLT

Sometimes during your lunch break you would like to have something good to eat and low cost.  Finding the right place and food sometimes are hard because of the number of choices that are available.

Caribbean Meal: Fried Dumplings and Scrambled Eggs

Learning how to make a simple meal with simple ingredients is important for any single person or those with families.

Stirring The Pot @ Pink Apron

“You bring the people, we'll bring the food”... My good friend Melanie Henry and I felt that we would bring our goodly selves, confident that Pink Apron's chefs Charissa Henry, Brittany Ho and Josh Parkins would bring the food. We had to be confident about the food, as we were hungrily heading all the way to Silver Hill Gap, about 40 minutes from Papine Square.  

Stirring The Pot @ Wine With Me

Wine With Me, located on Norman Manley Boulevard, was our final Stirring The Pot stop Sunday and, as difficult as it was to leave The Cliff, quite frankly, turning down an opportunity to spend time with the inimitable Cecile Levee is unheard of, and rightly so! Who else would have the style acumen to transform a blank slate into a wine haven that would be a perfect fit in Monaco or along the Skeleton Coast of Kunene, Namibia?

Stirring The Pot @ Zest Restaurant, The Cliff Hotel

The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards judges were back on the road Sunday. Negril was their final destination, but not before a breakfast and jumbo malt stop in MoBay at the iconic Pelican and a photo op at the larger-than-life iron image of Usain Bolt made entirely of bolts by German artist Diedel Klooever at Tracks & Records. The stop put all in good stead for the final leg of the journey.

Black Monday Review: Showtime’s Wall Street Comedy Is Worth Investing In

A new series chronicling the dire financial missteps that led to the infamous stock market crash known as “Black Monday”… sounds like another deadly...


First Reformed

Full review: First Reformed is a thoughtful, scathing critique of the modern American church. As someone who has spent a significant portion of his...


Stirring The Pot @ Pink Apron


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