Jailed double murderer runs for US Senate

Leonard Richards, 75, was convicted of killing his half-sister May Wilson in 1982, and of shooting dead his lawyer, Robert Stratton, in 1987. He is...

‘Police called’ as Build-A-Bear sale sparks chaos

A teddy bear offer has been abandoned amid "safety concerns" after it sparked chaos in shopping centres across the UK.

Man with world’s longest nails cuts them after 66 years

The Guinness World Record holder for the longest fingernails ever on a single hand has had his claws cut after 66 years.

Florida man with no arms charged with stabbing man with scissors

A 46-year-old homeless man with no arms was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, for stabbing another man with a pair of scissors using his feet, police said on Wednesday.

Giant crocodile captured in Australia to stop it going to town

Authorities in Australia have caught a saltwater crocodile measuring almost 5 meters (16.4 ft), one of the biggest on record, to stop it from reaching a populated area, the Department of Tourism said on Tuesday.

Lithuanian couple win world wife-carrying championship title in Finland

Fifty-three men slung their wives or partners over their shoulders and hurtled off on an hour-long race in the small Finnish town of Sonkajarvi on Saturday, as thousands of fans cheered from the stands.

Poisonous books found in university library

Three rare books dating from the 16th and 17th centuries have been found by scientists to be covered in a deadly poison.

Dozens of ‘drunk’ seagulls found on beaches

Dozens of "drunken" seagulls have become "disoriented and confused" after scavenging alcohol in southwest England.

Have moths won their 60-million-year war with bats?

For 60 million years, bats and moths have been at war, competing against one another in nocturnal duels.

Trump ‘angry baby’ blimp will fly over London

A giant balloon dubbed "Trump baby" has been given the green light to fly near parliament during the president's UK visit.

Mysterious man pays parking ticket 44 years late

A man named Dave has paid a parking ticket in Pennsylvania - 44 years after he got it.

Nut-rich diets improve sperm count and power

Nut-rich diets produce a higher sperm count and more powerful swimmers, according to a new study.

KFA decides against punishing egg-throwers

The Korea Football Association (KFA) has decided not to pursue charges against people who threw eggs at the national team after they arrived home from the World Cup, police said on Tuesday.

Are Chernobyl wolves spreading mutant genes?

Wolves from the Chernobyl site have been roaming freely beyond the nuclear disaster zone's border, increasing fears that they will spread mutant genes.

Woman pronounced dead wakes up in morgue

A South African woman has been discovered alive in a morgue shortly after being declared dead in a car crash.

U.S. beats Belgium to win (Quidditch) World Cup

FLORENCE, Italy (Reuters) - Already bored of the soccer World Cup with its single ball, earth-bound players and tiresome reliance on the laws of physics?

‘Precarious’ rescue as man gets stuck up 32ft lamppost

A man had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck at the top of a lamppost in Birmingham.

Shootout win is perfect gift for Russian newlyweds

PUSHKIN, Russia (Reuters) - Russian couple Yekaterina and Dmitry Vasilyev enjoyed a perfect wedding celebration on Sunday as they briefly halted their nuptials to watch the hosts defy the odds by beating Spain in a penalty shootout to reach the World Cup quarter-finals.

Shark pulls woman into crocodile-infested waters

A woman was pulled into crocodile-infested waters in northwest Australia by a shark which bit her finger as she tried to feed it.

‘Brides’ enjoy match-making on World Cup stage

KAZAN, Russia (Reuters) - Russian women wearing elaborate bridal dresses took to the pitch in the World Cup host city of Kazan on Saturday for a friendly soccer match intended to show their love for the sport.