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Chinese people busted sleeping in beds at Ikea in new online video

Watch as a group of vigilantes goes around Ikea in China, using interesting tactics to get people up out of the beds in the...

Tokyo disaster tip: How to make a diaper with just two items you have...

Disaster preparedness team’s tip could save your nostrils. While mankind has developed some truly impressive cultural, political, and scientific institutions, all of them would grind...

Fishin’ for crawdads in Tokyo: A tale of friendship

Sometimes men have trouble expressing fondness for one another, so they give each other mudbugs. Recently around the office, our reporter Seiji Nakazawa has been...

North Korea missile alert manga produced by Japanese government office

The cartoon might look cute and colourful, but the message it conveys is frightening. On 15 September, residents in Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido found...

Dancing Hatsune Miku inside custom computer tower stuns Japanese Internet, everybody wants one

If you need more Miku in your life, just put her inside your computer tower. Custom-built computers can become works of art when the engineers...

Marseille: Fatal knife attack at train station

The attacker at the city's train station has been shot dead by security forces, officials say.

Catalan referendum: ‘Hundreds hurt’ as police try to stop voters

Catalan officials say 337 people are hurt as police use force to try to stop the independence vote.

Syria’s war has deadliest month this year – monitor group

The Syrian Observatory says almost a thousand civilians died in September, including 207 children.

Air France plane engine fails over Atlantic

The A380 with more than 500 people on board makes an emergency landing at a small Canadian airport.

Germany gay marriage: Couple are first to marry under new law

Two men, together for 38 years, are the first to marry on the day the new law comes into force.

Edmonton: Five injured in Canada ‘terror’ incidents

An IS flag is found at the scene where a police officer was stabbed and run over before man escaped.

OJ Simpson released on parole from Nevada jail

The former American football and movie star is freed after serving nine years for armed robbery.

Marilyn Manson crushed by stage scenery in New York

The rock star was taken to hospital after the incident in New York on Saturday night.

Austrian ban on full-face veil in public places comes into force

The government says the law, which comes ahead of elections, is designed to protect Austrian values.

Take a ride on Japan’s luckiest tram in Setagaya

Setagaya city in Tokyo is distinguished for a number reasons. It has the highest residential population of all of Tokyo, it’s home to the...

Japan’s beautiful cosplay violinist dazzles the eyes and ears in cover videos, surprise concerts

Musical and visual tributes to anime including Your Name, Sailor Moon, often require her to cosplay as two different characters in the same video. Tokyo’s...

Nintendo confirms that yes, Mario is punching Yoshi in the back of the head...

As if we didn’t already feel bad enough from sending Yoshi plummeting into all those bottomless pits, Nintendo gives us yet another source of...

Japanese requirement for tattoo artists to have medical licenses may be nail in industry’s...

Osaka district court ruling says tattooing isn’t art, it’s a medical procedure. A legal appeal by Osaka-based tattoo artist Taiki Masuda, who was originally fined...

Häagen-Dazs’ new gold matcha ice cream has French heritage and our full attention

Matcha Opera ice cream promises to make sweets fans ready to sing with joy. Häagen-Dazs has no qualms about infusing its ice cream with Japanese...

“Hijab Cosplayer” wows the world with her take on Japanese anime characters【Photos】

Just because you wear a hijab doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay. Cosplay may have gotten its start in Japan, but since then it’s grown to...

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Vaz appeals to private sector to join climate change fight

Jamaica has joined a number of other small island developing states in accessing financing from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to assist with...

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