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Natalie Portman speaks at Women’s March

Actress Natalie Portman speaks at the Women's March in Los Angeles.

Smart for Democrats to tie DACA to funding deal?

Political panel weighs in on 'America's News HQ.'

Viola Davis speaks at Women’s March

Actress Viola Davis gave a passionate speech at the Women's March in Los Angeles.

Democrat: I’ll build border wall myself for Dreamers

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) discusses the ongoing government shutdown negotiations in Congress.

How the fight against ISIS has changed under Trump

Insight from Nicholas Rasmussen, the former National Counterterrorism Center director, on 'America's News HQ.'

Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered: source

Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, a source with knowledge of a private investigator’s report told CBC News. The Toronto billionaire couple was...

Joe Walsh: Outrageous for Dems to shut down gov’t over DACA

Radio host and former GOP representative shares his take.

Rocker Tom Petty died from accidental drug overdose

Rocker Tom Petty died from accidental drug overdose caused by a combination of strong pain medication including fentanyl and oxycodone. Petty died in...

Chuck Schumer: This is the Trump shutdown

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blames President Trump for the government shutdown after Congress failed to pass a spending bill.

Paul Ryan calls government shutdown ‘utter madness’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks on the House floor amid a government shutdown after the Senate couldn't agree on a...

Michael Dukakis on upcoming 2018 midterm elections

Former Democratic presidential nominee on Democrats and Republicans gearing up for intense midterm election campaign.

Breakfast with ‘Friends’: Reaction to the shutdown

Todd Piro speaks with Florida diners about issues of the day.

Breakfast with ‘Friends’: Fla. voters on Trump’s first year

Todd Piro speaks with Florida diners about the president's first year in office and the government shutdown.

U.S. government shutdown underway amid blame game

The U.S. government shut down at midnight Friday as senators continued to scramble to reach a deal to fund the government. Republicans and...

Women are marching on Trump’s one-year anniversary in office

This weekend is the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump's swearing-in. But hundreds of thousands of activists across the US also are marking...

Radio talk show hosts sound off on government shutdown

Talk radio panel weighs in on 'Fox & Friends.'

DRC: Catholic church presses on with planned Sunday march

The Roman Catholic community leaders planning a peaceful march on Sunday in the Democratic Republic of Congo have said they will go ahead...

Saudi Arabia divided on Trump’s decisions

CNN's Nic Robertson talks with the people of Saudi Arabia about President Trump's first year in office.

Dershowitz: Must take the shutdown power away from Congress

Harvard law professor emeritus speaks out on 'Fox & Friends.'

Top ‘media freak-outs’ from Trump’s first year

Bre Payton of the Federalist shares some memorable moments.

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