From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

Street Parties, Early morning relaxation and onwards to Montego Bay!

Share Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Pin 0 Shares BY: SIMONE JENNIFER SMITH “Itis is killing me; I need a nap, Trish!” We had just finished eating this lovely meal at Miss T’s Kitchen, and I was ready for a nap. “We...

6 Fun Activities To Do In Turks And Caicos

Share Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Pin 0 Shares BY: CLAIRE NASH I recently took a vacation in the Turks and Caicos and it did not go as expected. In fact, it was far better than planned. I had wanted to take an...

Tips From Famous Frequent Flyers For Surviving Long Haul Air Travel

Share Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Pin 0 Shares If you ever had to spend more than 10 hours on a plane, you know that although it can be one of the fastest ways to travel, it can be extremely tiring—long-haul flights...

Goodbye Kingston, Ocho Rios Here we Come!

Share Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Pin 0 Shares BY: SIMONE JENNIFER SMITH Okay, so where did I leave off? Hmmmm… Oh yes! Trish and I have just had an amazing night in Kingston; ate some extravagant food, and I think we...

Zika No Longer a Concern for Saint Lucia

Share Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Pin 0 Shares Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is celebrating the news that the Zika virus has been interrupted on Saint Lucia. That means scientists have determined the virus is no longer present and travellers, including pregnant...

Caribbean festivals around the world

Share Share Tweet Email WhatsApp Pin 0 Shares The Caribbean islands are a destination of wondrous beauty. Pristine beaches, blue waters, and an abundance of dance and music make any vacation to the Caribbean a memorable one. The Caribbean community is...

FiWEH In Nago: Relaxation At The Ma Blue Hawaiian House Hotel & Restaurant

I needed a break from work and I wanted to getaway to a quiet relaxing place.  My search brought me to a Hawaiian style, family ran accommodation called Ma Blue Garden House Hotel and...

Puerto Rico recovered and ready to reopen December 20th

This week, three months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico will officially open its doors and give a warm welcome to travellers looking to experience the island this holiday season or in the new year! Tourism has been a vital contributor to the Islands recovery – in November and December alone, an estimated 58 cruise arrivals […]

Top Family Vacation Recommendations

BY: VANESSA ERDELYI So many destinations, which one will you choose? Are you having a hard time deciding where to spend your family vacation? I have a few recommendations for you. Firstly, if you are a family and you are travelling on a tight budget it’s still possible to head to the islands for your […]

Hurricane Irma & Maria

BY: VANESSA ERDELYI  Hurricane Irma has been the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic, since Hurricane Catrina in 2005. It was deemed a category 5 by the National Hurricane Center. Tragically many lives were lost. Rest in Peace. Hurricane Irma has caused over 60 billion dollars worth of damage.  Many people were injured, without power, water, […]

Where Will Your Next Adventure Take You?

BY: AMANDA STANCATI Everyone’s travel style is different. If you’re stuck between two options, we can help you decide which one is best. Cruise vs all-inclusive vacation For sun-seekers, both cruises and all-inclusive resorts provide a relaxing escape and beautiful surroundings, but there are key differences to help you decide between them. If your vacation […]

Packing Tips For Your All-Inclusive Vacation

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  Headed South? You don’t need to bring much when you’re hitting the beach. In fact, you could pull off traveling with just your carry-on bag if you pack smart. We share some of our packing tips for your next all-inclusive vacation. Whether or not you are checking a bag, always pack a […]

Jamaican Trip to Mount Fuji

During my trip to mainland Japan, I had the pleasure of visiting the Mount Fuji surrounding area. Although, I had a sense of adventure, I did not make room for to climb the mountain...

In Need Of An All-Inclusive Vacation? Cuba Is The Answer.

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  Cuba is a celebrated destination among Canadians for its sun-kissed beaches, friendly people, and affordable prices. There are plenty of vacation packages from Toronto that range from budget-friendly to luxurious. We’ve narrowed down some of the best resorts in this Caribbean island for your next Cuba vacation. Valentin Perla Blanca If you’re […]

10 Local Travel Bloggers To Follow

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  There’s nothing getting lost in the world of travel blogs when you have some time to spare and a case of serious wanderlust to look after. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking some “me” time to read under the sun, here are some of our favourite travel blogs by Torontonians that […]

Advantages of Traveling Solo

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  Don’t put off the trip of your dreams while you wait for a travel buddy. Instead, consider traveling solo.   Solo travel is a habit for some and foreign to others – but you shouldn’t have to leave your passport unstamped because you have no one to travel with.  While it may […]

Six Family-Friendly Ontario Getaways

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST With the warm weather upon us and the kids out of school, summer is the season to explore your own backyard and travel locally and with Canada 150, there’s no better time. Whether you’re spending the weekend or simply taking a day trip, Ontario has much to offer. Here are some budget-friendly […]

Let’s Celebrate Canada’s Birthday

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST Canada turns 150 years old next month, what are your plans to celebrate? It’s not too late to travel near or far to participate in some of the largest celebrations province-wide. First off, Parks Canada is inviting visitors and Canadians around the world to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with free admission […]

Travelling With An Infant

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST Even if you’re an experienced traveller, when you travel with an infant there are some rules and regulations you and the airlines need to follow. An infant is free when flying (Just pay infant tax usually around $19.00) but is lap held and will not have his or her own seat. An […]

A Trip to Las Vegas Should Be On Your Bucket List!

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST I just came back from Las Vegas and if you haven’t been you should add it to your bucket list. Las Vegas is a dry, hot desert destination but fortunately, it’s not humid. Las Vegas isn’t just about gambling, it also offers amazing shows, great shopping, some of the best dining, tons […]

The Benefits of Group Travel

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST The term “group travel” refers to an island vacation at a discounted cost because of the volume of people travelling. I book a lot of wedding groups and other groups travelling together and everyone wants to know: What is the advantage of booking as a group? With group travel comes perks. Here […]

FIWEH in Seoul, South Korea

When I arrive in Seoul, I was told there will be a celebration at the temple the next day, so if I wanted to get an intimate evening, it was best to do it...

FiWEH in Pohan, South Korea: Spicy Seafood Noodle

I am not one to travel frequently because I am one of those Jamaicans who love dem yard.  Unfortunately, being a part of the FiWEH team, traveling is a requirement.  Another thing, I am...

“What Resorts Offer Gluten Free Dining?”

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST This question is being asked more often now than ever and the answer is usually not advertised in a resort brochure or hotel chain website. Gluten-free is a diet that treats celiac disease and excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein composite found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. When you […]

The Happy Island of Aruba

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST I was fortunate to travel to Aruba and experience the food, culture and nightlife of the island. Aruba is known for its white sandy beaches and calm turquoise waters. It has some of the best beaches I’ve seen in all the Caribbean (Eagle Beach was just named top 10 beaches on TripAdvisor!). […]

Why You Should Still Consider An All-Inclusive Vacation During The Summer

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST Looking for a travel deal? With spring just around the corner and kids going back to school after March and Spring break, the demand for all-inclusive winter getaways is starting to slow down. More and more people are now starting to think about summer vacations. The most popular on the list would […]

Traveling to Europe!

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST Now that we’re coming into spring I’m getting more and more inquiries for Europe. I was a flight attendant before becoming a travel agent so I’ve been very fortunate to travel to a lot of European cities. I always get asked, “what’s the best was to see Europe: tour bus, backpacking or […]

Four of the Best Spa Hotels in the Caribbean!

BY: NICOLE Are you looking to escape the cold and kids and just get away somewhere that offers the best spa treatments you can get? Look no further: the Caribbean Islands are one of the best ways to unwind and relax. More and more hotel chains are starting to offer lots of treatments to choose […]

Inaugural Flight From Canada To St. Vincent And The Grenadine’s First International Airport

BY: KRISTINA RAMCHARRAN On February 14, 2017, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be debuting their first international airport, the Argyle International Airport, which will act as a replacement to their current airport ET Joshua Airport. This airport is the largest capital project ever taken on by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ government. In […]

Water Park Destinations!

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST Looking for a fun filled holiday for families that include access to a free water park? I’ve travelled to over ten countries in the Caribbean and seen well over 300 hotels and I’ve come up with my “go to” list for the best hotels with waterparks. “Beaches” Turks and Caicos and Jamaica […]

EM City Hotel Your Perfect Place to Stay!

BY ALYSSA MAHADEO Before you consider booking any vacation, one of the most important things to decide is where you will be staying during your time away. Your temporary living arrangements are an essential part of your overall experience as this is the place you will consider home during your stay. After a long day […]

What to Pack For Your Next Vacation

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST I get this question more and more these days. Whether you’re doing a quick weekend getaway or a few weeks to Europe, this week’s article will help you pack the right way. Personal Items: Highly recommended: Collect all your travel documents (hotel and or air reservation), passport/visas, travel insurance, emergency contacts, cash […]

Take the Scenic Route on a Curaçao Island Tour!

BY ALYSSA MAHADEO When Curaçao was first discovered in 1449 by European explorers, Alonso de Ojeda a lieutenant to Christopher Columbus was so impressed by the physical stature of the local islanders that he dubbed it ‘isla de los gigantes’ (island of the giants.) Less than twenty years later, the name Curaçao appeared on a […]

Embark on Dolphin Adventure! Meet, Swim, Snorkel or Dive with Dolphins!

BY ALYSSA MAHADEO  The ocean is a wondrous place filled with many majestic animals that are intelligent, social creatures and can attribute to some of the mysteries of the open sea. On an island like Curaçao, the ocean is a big part of the island’s real estate and residents have taken the extra initiative to […]

FiWEH in Shibuya, Tokyo: 2017 New Year Reggae Celebration

For the last ten years, I've always wanted to experienced New Years Eve celebration in a place like Times Square, but I've been all over the world during that time so I never had the opportunity to do it until now.

Caribbean Meet and Greet

As we approach the holiday season we are reminded of the routine events we are missing while residing in the Okinawa region.  But being away from family and the lifestyle of our culture may seem like a disadvantage, however it may allow us to develop a sense of community which forces us to unite with others from similar cultures to establish socializing events. 

Adventures in Falmouth Jamaica

Falmouth is the chief town and capital of the parish of Trelawny in Jamaica. It is situated on Jamaica's north coast 18 miles east ofMontego Bay. It is noted for being one of the Caribbean's best-preserved Georgian towns. Founded by Thomas Reid in 1769, Falmouth flourished as a market centre and port for forty years at a time when Jamaica was the world's leading sugar producer.[1] 

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