Jamaica Medical Foundation Auction — Providing a lifeline to health

“This evening is basically to celebrate life, and in doing so to try and help organisations which contribute so much good in our country,” shared Jamaica Medical Foundation (JMF) Chairman Michael A Fraser in his welcome address at the JMF Lifeline: Wine, Fashion, and Art Auction, held at the Spanish Court Hotel, on Thursday, July 5.

Alessandra Bell

“I'm not a designer; I've never claimed to be. But I do love fashion and I know what sells, “ declares the woman who defied the odds and landed her brand CocoNautical line at Topshop, Oxford Street, London. Alessandra Bell is a fashion entrepreneur with an online ecomm site for swimwear and resort wear which she started in 2016 and, a year later, pivoted the business to become a drop shipping and wholesale platform for vacation wear to prove it.


On our radar this week is Saint International model Brandon Bailey in the June fashion editorial of Flaunt magazine.The shoot was done... in March on the roof of a building in Manhattan , New York. The experience overall on set was a good one, although I must say, contrary to what the weather looks like, it was freezing! 

The Favourite Travel Destinations of Four Local Executives

Travel broadens the mind and summer is a great time to explore, discover, and create experiences. Last week, SO asked 10 local executives, who attended the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce's 36th annual dinner and awards ceremony, about their favourite travel destinations and this year's summer plans. Here are four more!

Summer Travel Bucket List:

New York is always a hot and haute summer travel destination, and with temperatures scaling up to 100 degrees last week, SO has a primer for the haute part of your next trip. FLYCaribbean Airlineswww.caribbean-airlines.com

Bell & Whistles

There's something quite remarkable about Alessandra Bell. Beneath her humility lies a prudent businesswoman for whom the word “impossible” does not exist. This quiet confidence has been developed through a career that is studded with the shattering of ceilings and the knocking down of doors.

Is he cheating?

 It is never best to assume when it comes to issues of fidelity, but rather, you need to have real evidence. But what if that evidence is not easily accumulated? Here are several red flags that a man might be cheating. He hides his cell phone; his phone is always on airplane mode or on vibrate

4 steps to self-actualisation

 Reality is, it is hard for some women to get to the point where they can receive their soulmates as they struggle with scars from heartbreaks that linger for years. It is not easy to overlook a betrayal from a past lover, but the guidelines below are proven to be effective.Writing

Lies hurt healthy relationships

 Many times people lie, thinking that they are helping themselves rather than doing anything bad. Some even believe that it is best to cover the truth, as unveiling such would do more harm than good. However, lies actually kill relationships, and here are four reasons why you should stop lying.Lies kill trust

The importance of taking time off

 If a couple lives a busy life, especially if there are children involved, their relationship may become distanced. It is best for couples to invest in time alone with each other, as this could be the lifesaver for their romance.Note that:Time alone brings a couple closerThey can use this time to reconnect and rekindle the chemistry, especially if they have full-time jobs and children to raise.

Why we went back to heartache

 Why would someone go back to a situation that caused them much grief and heartache? Below a few women share why they went back to what they once ran from.Jacqui:

The Zone diet

DEVELOPED by biochemist Barry Sears, the Zone diet, which has been made popular by many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, is touted for its ability to burn fat even as you sleep without triggering feelings of hunger by balancing the fat, carbs, and proteins that you eat. This diet, nutritionist and wellness expert Donovan Grant says, ultimately promotes weight loss and wards off chronic illnesses and diet-induced inflammations such as heart disease.

Remember: Adolescent pregnancy prevention

ACCORDING to the World Health Organization, every year an estimated 21 million girls aged 15 to 19 years, and two million girls aged under 15 years, become pregnant in developing regions. Approximately 16 million girls aged 15 to 19 years and 2.5 million girls under age 16 years give birth in the same areas.

Health benefits of broccoli

Dear Donovan,I hear broccoli is a super food. Is this true? If so, what are some of the benefits and should I be eating more of it? 

Migraine triggers

 A migraine is usually characterised by a throbbing pain or an intense, pulsating sensation in the head, usually accompanied by a number of other debilitating symptoms including nausea. Dr Samantha Nicholson, medical internist at Imani Medical Centre, Papine Plaza, said that while there is no research to support an exact cause of the severe headaches, there have been a number of factors which have been identified as triggers.

My marriage was a mistake from the start

PEOPLE treat the idea of marriage differently — some will never say “I do” unless they believe that they have found their soul mates; others will get married because they believe they can spend forever with the person; then there are those who believe that life, including marriage, is a game of chance. This means that even if they can smell doubt and doom from a mile away, for one reason or another they still decide to walk down the aisle with the hope that they can...

The right way to read food labels

 IN order to be in full control of what you consume, it is important that you understand how to read food labels. Most packaged items have the nutrition facts listed on the back; however, for many of us it is just a lot of words and numbers we know have meaning but have no clue how to interpret.

Timberwear Inc — where style and nature unite

Eye-catching frames are a great way to add a visual pop to any outfit, and there is nothing we here at All Woman Fashion (AWF) love more than accessories that team flair with function. Timberwear Inc — oozing specs appeal — is in our line of sight.

3 women share their infertility struggles

 INFERTILITY is characterised as the inability or failure to establish a clinical pregnancy after 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse or due to an impairment of a person's capacity to reproduce, either as an individual or with their partner. Many women face this nightmare and often feel like they are alone in the struggle to conceive, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and bring home a baby after nine months.

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