Jamaica Medical Foundation Auction — Providing a lifeline to health

“This evening is basically to celebrate life, and in doing so to try and help organisations which contribute so much good in our country,” shared Jamaica Medical Foundation (JMF) Chairman Michael A Fraser in his welcome address at the JMF Lifeline: Wine, Fashion, and Art Auction, held at the Spanish Court Hotel, on Thursday, July 5.

Alessandra Bell

“I'm not a designer; I've never claimed to be. But I do love fashion and I know what sells, “ declares the woman who defied the odds and landed her brand CocoNautical line at Topshop, Oxford Street, London. Alessandra Bell is a fashion entrepreneur with an online ecomm site for swimwear and resort wear which she started in 2016 and, a year later, pivoted the business to become a drop shipping and wholesale platform for vacation wear to prove it.


On our radar this week is Saint International model Brandon Bailey in the June fashion editorial of Flaunt magazine.The shoot was done... in March on the roof of a building in Manhattan , New York. The experience overall on set was a good one, although I must say, contrary to what the weather looks like, it was freezing! 

The Favourite Travel Destinations of Four Local Executives

Travel broadens the mind and summer is a great time to explore, discover, and create experiences. Last week, SO asked 10 local executives, who attended the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce's 36th annual dinner and awards ceremony, about their favourite travel destinations and this year's summer plans. Here are four more!

Summer Travel Bucket List:

New York is always a hot and haute summer travel destination, and with temperatures scaling up to 100 degrees last week, SO has a primer for the haute part of your next trip. FLYCaribbean Airlineswww.caribbean-airlines.com

Bell & Whistles

There's something quite remarkable about Alessandra Bell. Beneath her humility lies a prudent businesswoman for whom the word “impossible” does not exist. This quiet confidence has been developed through a career that is studded with the shattering of ceilings and the knocking down of doors.

Is he cheating?

 It is never best to assume when it comes to issues of fidelity, but rather, you need to have real evidence. But what if that evidence is not easily accumulated? Here are several red flags that a man might be cheating. He hides his cell phone; his phone is always on airplane mode or on vibrate

4 steps to self-actualisation

 Reality is, it is hard for some women to get to the point where they can receive their soulmates as they struggle with scars from heartbreaks that linger for years. It is not easy to overlook a betrayal from a past lover, but the guidelines below are proven to be effective.Writing

Lies hurt healthy relationships

 Many times people lie, thinking that they are helping themselves rather than doing anything bad. Some even believe that it is best to cover the truth, as unveiling such would do more harm than good. However, lies actually kill relationships, and here are four reasons why you should stop lying.Lies kill trust

The importance of taking time off

 If a couple lives a busy life, especially if there are children involved, their relationship may become distanced. It is best for couples to invest in time alone with each other, as this could be the lifesaver for their romance.Note that:Time alone brings a couple closerThey can use this time to reconnect and rekindle the chemistry, especially if they have full-time jobs and children to raise.

Why we went back to heartache

 Why would someone go back to a situation that caused them much grief and heartache? Below a few women share why they went back to what they once ran from.Jacqui:

The Zone diet

DEVELOPED by biochemist Barry Sears, the Zone diet, which has been made popular by many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, is touted for its ability to burn fat even as you sleep without triggering feelings of hunger by balancing the fat, carbs, and proteins that you eat. This diet, nutritionist and wellness expert Donovan Grant says, ultimately promotes weight loss and wards off chronic illnesses and diet-induced inflammations such as heart disease.

Remember: Adolescent pregnancy prevention

ACCORDING to the World Health Organization, every year an estimated 21 million girls aged 15 to 19 years, and two million girls aged under 15 years, become pregnant in developing regions. Approximately 16 million girls aged 15 to 19 years and 2.5 million girls under age 16 years give birth in the same areas.

Health benefits of broccoli

Dear Donovan,I hear broccoli is a super food. Is this true? If so, what are some of the benefits and should I be eating more of it? 

Migraine triggers

 A migraine is usually characterised by a throbbing pain or an intense, pulsating sensation in the head, usually accompanied by a number of other debilitating symptoms including nausea. Dr Samantha Nicholson, medical internist at Imani Medical Centre, Papine Plaza, said that while there is no research to support an exact cause of the severe headaches, there have been a number of factors which have been identified as triggers.

My marriage was a mistake from the start

PEOPLE treat the idea of marriage differently — some will never say “I do” unless they believe that they have found their soul mates; others will get married because they believe they can spend forever with the person; then there are those who believe that life, including marriage, is a game of chance. This means that even if they can smell doubt and doom from a mile away, for one reason or another they still decide to walk down the aisle with the hope that they can...

The right way to read food labels

 IN order to be in full control of what you consume, it is important that you understand how to read food labels. Most packaged items have the nutrition facts listed on the back; however, for many of us it is just a lot of words and numbers we know have meaning but have no clue how to interpret.

Timberwear Inc — where style and nature unite

Eye-catching frames are a great way to add a visual pop to any outfit, and there is nothing we here at All Woman Fashion (AWF) love more than accessories that team flair with function. Timberwear Inc — oozing specs appeal — is in our line of sight.

3 women share their infertility struggles

 INFERTILITY is characterised as the inability or failure to establish a clinical pregnancy after 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse or due to an impairment of a person's capacity to reproduce, either as an individual or with their partner. Many women face this nightmare and often feel like they are alone in the struggle to conceive, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and bring home a baby after nine months.

Vows: On The Wings of Love

Still floating on cloud nine in nuptial bliss are Forward Air Finance Manager Delvin Williams and Delta Airlines Senior Product Manager Joline Charlton, who tied the knot in a ceremony officiated by Ruthlyn Stoner-Haughton on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at Trident Castle, Port Antonio. The couple met at Joline's best friend's wedding, and in that moment the interconnectivity of people in this seemingly small world had never been clearer. “Surprisingly, although I knew his sister,...

He wants to kick us out

Dear Mrs Macaulay,

You are the father…

 WHAT are the obligations of a father who is listed on a child's birth certificate, even if the child is not biologically his? He is legally indebted to the child unless he can prove otherwise, the law states. And in the case of married couples, there is an automatic presumption of paternity without there being a need for additional supportive evidence

Deanne Pryce — More active after retirement

THE squash courts are not going to miss Deanne Pryce, although her colleagues at work will.The assistant general manager for finance and administration at JN General Insurance Company (JNGI) retired from her post in March, and that means she's seen more often at the Liguanea Club in St Andrew.“I want to maintain my body and my mind,” the trim 64-year-old stated. “As you get older, you need to maintain proper muscle mass.”

Revenge: A dish best served cold

 IF you have ever been cheated on then you would agree that revenge, if even for a fleeting moment, dominated your mind. And while some people are more forgiving, there are others who will not rest until the offending partner gets a taste of his/her own medicine. Below All Woman readers share the various ways in which they were able to exact revenge on their cheating partners. 

Picking an oily bone with Petrojam

Dear Editor,Over the years the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica has been issuing gas prices for the cost of its products on a weekly basis with no explanation or justification. I am puzzled why no one can explain the method used to arrive at the prices.

Listen to Thalia Lyn

Dear Editor,Jamaican patriot Thalia Lyn, CEO of Island Grill, addressing Hanover school leavers, implored them to support needy students, think out of the box, and be disruptive in their thinking while choosing a career. She doesn't mean literally go out and give trouble, but to have a firm, visionary outlook on life.It is quite heart-warming to hear these words from a person who has accomplished so much in her career.

New type of World Cup, Old Ja style

Dear Editor,As the World Cup approaches its climax, the developments so far — and the likely lessons that won't be learnt — may say more about Jamaica's national and football culture than we may care to admit.

Theories on CCJ in search of evidence?

Dear Editor,I refer to the Jamaica Observer editorial of July 5, 2018 titled 'New president, old issues for CCJ' which raised several issues, but I do not propose to address them all. There are two issues which piqued my interest:

One highway not enough for Seaga

Dear Editor,I was ecstatic when I heard Prime Minister Andrew Holness say he was going to name the north-south link of Highway 2000 after former Prime Minister Edward Seaga. I think it's very very fitting that a man that has contributed to the building of the nation in such a great and profound way should have the highway named after him.

Here’s what you need to know… Saving for that second degree?

Twenty -eight-year-old Kimberley Williams completed a bachelor of science degree in management studies in 2011.Since then she has been working at a government agency and has excelled in her job. She wants to advance, but believes she would have a better chance for promotion if she had a postgraduate degree.

Hats off to Montego Bay airport police post team

Dear Editor,No words can adequately describe the care shown by police personnel as they stood in the gap recently, in an effort to rescue and save my niece — a beautiful and talented 41-year-old young woman, who prides herself in promoting beauty and wellness, yet suffers from a high level of depression causing delusional and disorientated behaviour.

McNeill’s actions unprecedented and disgraceful

Dear Editor,It is clear that the People's National Party's spokesman for tourism, former Minister of Tourism Wykeham McNeill is using his chairmanship of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) to distract from the world-leading performance of Jamaica's tourism ministry and its agencies.

Arrant irresponsibleness

Dear Editor:Free speech is an offshoot of democracy which gives us the freedom of expression, but it also assumes propriety and considerateness. To say whatever you wish with no regard to others is not free speech but arrant irresponsibleness.

We should be moving towards recycling

Dear Editor,Growing up, there was hardly any plastic. Supermarkets and stores would mostly sell products in paper bags. Beverages were largely sold in glass bottles or cans. Even milk was sold in bottles.

Investigate the terms of State care

Dear Editor,The news of a nine-year-old girl being raped while in State care, allegedly by another ward, is tragic and disturbing. We expect not only a full investigation by the authorities to determine how this tragedy occurred, but also the provision of counselling and care for the victim, and appropriate corrective measures for the perpetrator as he is also a minor.

Step-parenting: The good, the bad and the unhappy

 RAISING a biological child can be quite difficult, but being a parent to someone else's child can be twice as hard, especially when you are not committed, or the children seem to reject you no matter how much you have invested or try to build a relationship with them.

Women keeping silence

Dear Editor,According to the Bible, should women keep silence or be silent in the churches? We need to clarify this Biblical statement once and for all.In 1 Corinthians 14:34 it says, “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.”

Keep the game fair, FIFA; new rules needed

Dear Editor,I refer to previous conversations suggesting that new rules were required to make the game of football more exciting and flow freely.Here are a few rule changes to also consider:1. When a player commits a foul, that player should leave the game if the fouled player is being treated off the field of play.

EU’s generosity to Jamaica

Dear Editor,Head of the European Union Delegation to Jamaica Malgorzata Wasilewska must be commended for bringing to public notice in the national newspaper the extent of Europe's munificence to Jamaica over the past 43 years.

The real reason Maduro won in Venezuela

Dear Editor,I am now on a trip to South America and can say that Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro won re-election not because of what you hear on television programmes on CNN or MSNBC, but because he is giving the people land, education and health care to help them to improve their lives and for the welfare of their families.

And The Winners Are…

The fragrant aroma of pimento wood wafted through the air as the 20th staging of the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards welcomed thousands of guests to the lawns of Devon House on Thursday, May 31.

SO Gardening —June 3

Dear Orchid Doc:I am having a problem with my dendrobium. The plant itself looks good but when it spikes, some of the blooms drop and get mussy, and some just spoil and the buds just keep dropping. Thanks for your help. R Atkinson Dear Ms Atkinson: I believe you have what some people call midge. What seems to work is Confidor and Caprid once per week for four to six weeks.

Grateful I can still ‘tun mi head unda di pipe’

Dear Editor,We Jamaicans should take nothing for granted. We are a blessed island. Look at the bounty of our fruits, vegetables, culture, beaches, rivers, etc. But specifically, big up the National Water Commission.

This Evening @ Devon House Tim Kensett For GoldenEye

Ahead of officially meeting him later this evening at the 20th staging of the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards we reckon, like us at Thursday Food, you'd want to know a little about GoldenEye's new resident chef...  Thursday Food (TF): Tell us about Tim Kensett. 

Today is World No Tobacco Day

Dear Editor,Every year, on May 31, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners mark World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), highlighting the health and additional risks associated with tobacco use, and advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption.

Katalyxt’s 2017/18 Youth Innovators’ Competition now complete

Katalyxt a subsidiary of Mint Management and Finance Services Limited presented the first and the second round of Judging for the Katalyxt Youth Innovators Competition (YIC),the theme “Planting the Seed of Entrepreneurship in Fertile Soil” at the Jamaica Conference Center on Tuesday, April 17, and Thursday May 3 respectively. High schools from across the length and breadth of Jamaica turned up at the Jamaica Conference Centre enthused and eager to present their...

Vows: Adventure Of A Lifetime

Tricia-Ann Elliott and Gregory Parker exchanged wedding vows on Friday, May 4, 2018, in a charming ceremony on the lawns at Borghinvilla, Discovery Bay.Theirs was a relationship that was forged over long and amicable telephone calls. Indeed, one such call continued into the wee hours of the night. No surprise, really, that romance ensued. There was one snag however; Tricia lived in New Jersey, USA, and Gregory in Costa Rica. When Gregory hopped on a plane a few weeks later it would...

Mayor, do something!

Dear Editor,Downtown Kingston is known to have the lowest prices on clothing and ground produce; it is where you can get from a pin to an anchor. The town is packed to capacity with stores, vendors, and roving higglers trying to capitalise on the spending frenzy that is escalated on Thursdays and Saturdays, 'wholesale' and 'market' days, respectively. The town is also a major transportation hub for commuters travelling to various parts of the island.

Why not give Trump the credit?

Dear Editor,The mainstream media and Democrats may all have been rejoicing upon seeing that US President Donald Trump had to cancel the previously scheduled summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

Men share their body image struggles

 FED by the mass media, stereotypes about how women should look, how much they should weigh, how fast they should bounce back after pregnancy, and how well they should age have formed a great part of the experience of today's woman, who often feels pressured to bend to the trends.

Gillian Martin’s training

 GILLIAN Martin is passionate about life and seeing people reach their highest potential.But for the 42-year-old Mandeville based belle, though she initially grew up witnessing unity among people and hospitality being extended to others which sparked an interest in psychology, she pursued a degree in management studies then a career in banking.

This lost generation in our urban reality

I have been writing on youth, crime and society in Jamaica for nearly two decades. What' s more, I have observed at least two generations of youth killed off by rival groups. I have seen the lives of young men and women — often the innocent and hard-working among them — snuffed out to deafening silence.

More than a building indeed

Dear Editor,Winston Dear wrote a letter to the editor published in the Jamaica Observer, headlined 'Parliament needs more than a new home', with which I wholeheartedly concur.

The search for natural gas and oil in Jamaica

Dear Editor,As oil prices continue to rise, once again we are left at the mercy of the oil producers. But we have switched to natural gas to generate electricity at Jamaica Public Service (JPS), and it is high time that we start to use what we have instead of paying others for their natural gas.

Andrew Holness got a good snapback on Peter Phillips

Dear Editor,On May 22, 2018, Prime Minister Andrew Holness sent Twitter in a frenzy by basically showing Dr Peter Phillips whose territory he's in.So Dr Peter Phillips asked a question of the day, which he later deleted: “Poll question of the day: Are you better off today than two years ago?”The photo of this poll that Holness tweeted had 386 respondents — 64 per cent voted 'yes' and 36 per cent voted 'no'.

When darkness descended on Grant’s Pen Road

Dear Editor,On Saturday night, May 19, 61-year-old Errol Anthony White was viciously attacked, beaten and stabbed to death by a teen and his cronies on Grant's Pen Avenue. This particular teen and his cronies had been reportedly haunting White for the past two years.

Influence, interference or plain poor manners?

Dear Editor,Citizens Action For Free And Fair Elections (CAFFE) is deeply disturbed by the unhealthy and contentious impasse which has developed between the former Director of Elections Orrette Fisher and members of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) and the adverse publicity that it has produced.

Preparing for labour and delivery

 PREPARING for labour and delivery is not just about procuring the items necessary for your hospital stay or even your baby. In fact, consultant obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr Anna-Kay Taylor Christmas says that this involves the mental, emotional and physical preparation of a woman even prior to pregnancy.

Flimsy excuse on CCJ membership, Chuck

Dear Editor,The following is a open letter to Delroy Chuck, QC, minister of justice: What kind of flimsy excuse are you the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), for the first time, after many decades, giving for Jamaica not having the Caribbean Court of Justice as its final court of appeal?Didn't the JLP endorse that condition and supported the Jamaican people financing its budget with the sole intention of it being used by us?

Let women decide

Dear Editor,The abortion debate has once again come to the fore in our country. I personally don't think that women should use abortions as a 'contraceptive'. I believe people having sexual intercourse should be responsible and use some sort of contraceptive if they don't want to have or cannot afford to maintain a child.

Kids’ corner — May 23, 2018

Colour the beautiful bird in all the colours that you like.

Destination Experience Influencer Community Dinner

 The three-day visionaries' summit, themed Inclusive Capitalism: Shifting Business Virtues Beyond Profit to Greater Impact, culminated Saturday last, in a four-couse dinner created by the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel's award-winning culinary team of the Regency Room. In between forkfuls of filet mignon and sips of Betco Premier Ltd wines, deals, friendships and bonds were formed.Wednesday Business Social spreads a napkin.    

Yucky ducky?

BERN, Switzerland (AP) — Scientists now have the dirt on the rubber ducky: Those cute, yellow bath-time toys are — as some parents have long suspected — a haven for nasty bugs.Using higher-quality polymers to make the ducks could prevent bacterial and fungal growth, scientists say.

Time to focus on ‘the forgotten parish’

Dear Editor,As recent as April of this year I visited St Thomas for Easter holidays and I was very disheartened at the lack of development of the parish.This is a parish in which I spent most of my summer holidays while growing up as my family is from here; hence, I have a special love and appreciation for it.To my surprise, little if anything has improved.

Venezuela’s matters not resolved by election

Dear Editor,I'm here wondering if the major Opposition party of Venezuela, the Justice First Party, made the correct decision by not participating in the presidential election.I saw reports of the party being spilt in not sending a representative against Nicolas Maduro of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

More action needed to serve mentally ill prisoners

Dear Editor,Stand Up for Jamaica is encouraged by recent news that the Ministry of National Security is working on a policy on how to treat, care, and house mentally ill persons who are incarcerated but who are unfit to plead. Such a policy is long overdue and should be put into action urgently.

Trade ought to be a two-way street

Dear Editor,Jamaica is the leading country in the Caribbean and should behave that way. For years Jamaican manufacturers have been complaining about the unfair trading practices carried out by our sister island Trinidad towards Jamaica and its products, which results in a huge trade imbalance in that country's favour. In other words, Trinidad has become the China of the Caribbean.

Just firing all police for new recruits not the answer

Dear Editor,Allegations towards a new member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) who just graduated from training school is not a good look for the force. Even though at this stage it is mere allegation, a new recruit's name must not be mixed up in any untoward conversation.

Labour Day has lost its ‘community’ significance

Dear Editor,Labour Day is a political establishment that has been officially recognised in Jamaica since the 1960s. It was the fight and wanting of change by the working class in 1938 which led to the labour movement and the formation of trade unions. Every year on May 23 Labour Day is celebrated.But Labour Day is just another holiday that has lost its significance.

‘U-Report’ Tool for Youth Engagement Takes Off in Jamaica

Today, Jamaica became the first country in the Caribbean to launch "U-Report" - a free social messaging tool being used globally by over five million youth to speak out on issues affecting them.U-Report, pioneered by UNICEF, provides a platform for Jamaican youth from any community to add their voice to matters of national importance.The initiative targets young people between the ages of 13 to 29, who can sign up to be U-Reporters via Facebook and Twitter. FLOW has...

A royal, multicultural occasion

Dear Editor,The royal wedding over the weekend was truly royal in every sense of the word. From start to finish I truly enjoyed it; it was simply spectacular. It was a royal treat.Even though it wasn't about race, I particularly like the wedding for its diversity as well as its inclusivity. It was a really multi-ethnic and multicultural affair.

Call it ‘foreign investment’ or ‘foreign aid’ it’s still bad policy

Dear Editor,It's comforting when a nation, beset with trials and tribulations, can dress them up and make believe they are virtues.

Davine Butler: Love Like It Never Happened

 WHILE growing up, most of her time was spent in church doing the performing arts, and she dreamt of becoming an actress. But it was her late cousin Novelette who sparked her true passion for writing, which would become Davine Butler's therapy.

Who will speak up for the Palestinians against Israel?

Dear Editor, The atrocities that the Israeli Government continue perpetrating on rock-throwing Palestinian goes on unabated and the world has largely remained silent.Last week, within 24 hours, 58 Palestinians were reportedly killed in exchanges with Israel's security forces. Thousands more suffer from permanent injuries, many from gunshot wounds.

Why decades-long marriages end in divorce

 IT baffles the mind when we hear it: a couple who has invested decades into building a life together suddenly decides to abandon the relationship which both partners cultivated. And while many family members and friends never seem to wrap their heads around it, Relationship Counsellor Wayne Powell said that it is not difficult to understand; in fact, he says that there is a perfect explanation.

Fish oil and the nursing mother

 Dear Donovan,I just had a baby and I am on some vitamins, which include fish oil. Is this safe while nursing? As a nursing mother it is good to be concerned about what you eat and the supplements that you take. It is very important that you do not take or eat anything that will harm you or your child.

He’s playing both sides

 The story was told to All Woman a few years ago about a churchwoman, newly married, who came home early from work one day to find her husband sleeping in their bed, in the arms of another man.It took years of counseling to get her past that betrayal, especially as there had been no signs that her husband was bisexual.How would you react to finding out that your man was not only unfaithful, but bisexual?Kerry:

Should couples be business partners?

 They say that you should never mix business with pleasure as it is a sure way to poison the romance. But they also say that two heads are better than one, and who better to help you build a business, for example, than the one you've pledged your life to?We asked several women who are/were in business with their partners to share whether it's a good idea for couples to be business partners.Janice:

Take a break, or work it out?

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship or the perfect man or woman. We are all human beings and as such we will slip, we will make mistakes, we will disagree and even fight.So what happens when your relationship hits a wall? Some people recommend that taking a break to regroup is a good step, as it allows you to look on the present and the future from a neutral perspective. Others will say that taking a break is the first step towards a break-up.

Towards one emergency number

Dear Editor,I've been reading and listening to Patria-Kaye Aarons' genuine concerns about our emergency ambulance system in Jamaica. Sunday of this week I heard on BBC Radio that the French Government is making steps to have just one public emergency number. France has 11 numbers for emergency situations.

Rapists get sentence-reduction days, women who abort get life sentences

Dear Editor,I hope when we have the conversation around abortion this time there is more than just talk, but serious action. The research has shown that, without a doubt, women in Jamaica are having abortions.

Foreign affairs must be based on principles

Dear Editor,Our Foreign Affairs Ministry must be encouraged to choose its positions based on principle and stand firmly behind it.

RADA couldn’t be for real!

Dear Editor,Claims made by a Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) representative on television on May 10, 2018 that farmers are planting too much of the same crops across Jamaica is nothing less than irresponsible, reckless, signs of a dereliction of duty, or short-sightedness.

The world cannot remain bystanders for long

Dear Editor,US President Donald Trump came to power, albeit surprisingly, on the back of a number of pledges, the chief of which was that he will put America first, the implication being that world affairs would play second fiddle.The truth is that successive US administrations have, in fact, operated under this same principle, though somewhat more covertly.

Books are marvellous!

OVER 1,000 children across Jamaica were treated to reading activities from Sagicor Group Jamaica team members as part of the national Read Across Jamaica Day last week Tuesday. Sagicor Foundation donated over 150 books to the schools following the end of the reading day activity.

Men tell the biggest misconceptions women have about them

 MANY of us women can attest to being handed down tonnes of dating advice and tips from older women, family and peers, often done with the intention of protecting us from the evil called men. But while some men may possess some of the undesirable qualities that women warn others against, sometimes, men say, it's mere overgeneralisation.

Job-hunting young people?

Dear Editor,It is not uncommon to read media reports about the inability of young people to acquire jobs after graduating fro school. These reports usually result in a litany of comments and criticisms of the Administration in power. The argument of critics is that people are unemployed because the Government has not created the right economic environment.

Happy to see you!

RENOVATIONS are currently underway at D'Frank Early Childhood Institution in Greenvale, Manchester, one of three Sagicor Foundation adopted schools. Sagicor team members took time from their busy work schedules to visit the school recently, and the kids were happy to see them.

Remember: It’s Lupus Awareness Month

 MAY is Lupus Awareness Month and the main aim is to raise awareness and educate people about the disease.Lupus is an autoimmune disease which causes an overactive immune system to produce auto antibodies which attack healthy body tissue. This can affect most parts of the body, including any organ.

Vows – Love At First Sight

A simple introduction developed into friendship, courtship, then, as fate would have it, marriage. New York City Police Department (NYPD) Detective Alhagi Joof wed Tiffany Campbell, director of financial operations at World Wrestling Entertainment, on Sunday, March 31, 2018 at Royalton Blue Waters. Vows has the breakdown of how Tiffany and Alhagi became one.How they met

Herpes treatment during pregnancy

 DEAR DR MITCHELL, I recently had an outbreak of herpes on the skin near my mouth. I have been taking Herp Rescue, but now I am four months pregnant. Should I continue to reduce the outbreaks? Herpes simplex virus – type 1 (HSV-1) is the virus that typically causes cold sores. There a two types of herpes simplex virus —types 1 and 2 (HSV-2)

Sagicor Foundation gives boost to United Nations Women’s Guild Scholarship Fund

 AS part of its ongoing support for education and helping the younger generation to fulfil their educational aspirations, Sagicor Foundation on May 6 donated $225,600 to the United Nations Women's Guild (UNWG) Jamaica to provide two scholarships for high school students under the organisation's scholarship programme.

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