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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY Have you left your Christmas shopping for the last minute? If you’re anything like me, then despite all the planning and preparation you do during December you still find yourself needing to pick up some last-minute presents before Christmas. Luckily, if the person on your list is especially into all things beauty […]

Yoga & Anxiety

BY: TRISHA CURLING  It can be very difficult to admit that we suffer from varying degrees of anxiety.  If we have experienced some type of trauma I think it is important to recognize that it will take time to heal from that.  It is also important to understand that during and within, part of that […]

Winter Skin Woes

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY With winter’s cold temperatures bearing down on us, it’s time to start thinking about our skin and re-evaluating our skincare regimens. In winter, it is essential to provide your skin with moisture and revamping your beauty routine with items that can tackle the issues that come with cooler, drier weather is important. […]


BY: TRISHA CURLING  Stop for a moment and just take a deep breath. This doesn’t sound like a very hard task, but it definitely can be sometimes. In moments when we’re under stress, or caught up in our “To Do Lists”, this is something we might be told to do. When we are caught up […]

Vichy Mineral 89

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY  I’m sure many of you have used or have seen products from Vichy. Vichy is a great skincare line that offers great products for all skin types, and if you are familiar with Vichy’s products, you’ll probably know they are famous for the use of Thermal Water in their skincare. Added to […]

Who Got Da Props?

BY: TRISHA CURLING  Not sure if you noticed my reference to one of my favourite hip-hop tracks, but we should all “have da props”.  In this context, it’s yoga props of course. There is often an attitude when practicing yoga that using props means you are a beginner and/or not very good at yoga.  I […]

What Does It Mean To Be “Brain Dead”?

BY: ALLISON BROWN Over the last few weeks, we have heard about Taquisha McKitty, the 27-year-old mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend who as a result of a drug overdose was deemed brain dead.  Mr. Stanley Stewart and Alyson McKitty, Taquisha’s parents believe “she’s still alive,” according to an article written by Pam Douglas of […]

What is Your Yoga?

BY: TRISHA CURLING  Some of the best things that have happened to me since deciding to incorporate yoga into my life are actually the development of what has happened off the mat. Yes, it’s incredible to feel stronger and have less tension and pain in my body, but the way in which I experience the […]

Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Beginners

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY If you’re new to the realm of eyeshadow and want to add a bit more to the eyes than mascara we understand that picking out that first eyeshadow palette can be intimidating. With so many options out there, it’s hard to decide on which palette to go for, and what colours are […]

Selective Mutism

BY: ALLISON BROWN This past week a reader asked me to write about selective mutism.  Each request for a topic allows me to share information in a way that is easy to understand.  I want to remind readers that it is important to build relationships with your primary care provider,  either a physician and or […]

Let’s Do the Twist

BY: TRISHA CURLING  Discussing the benefits of yoga is an endless conversation. The many aspects and the way that both our practice and our lives change to reflect the other allows us to travel along the journey of yoga with a continued sense of curiosity and learning. Even after doing the same pose 100 times, […]

How to Apply False Eyelashes

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY Beautiful long eyelashes make eyes look bigger, fuller and more appealing. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with such lashes. Applying false lashes is an art that many of us have yet to master. And a bad application can literally leave you in tears, ruining your makeup in the process. When choosing […]

5 Types of Yoga Endorsed By Hollywood’s Elite

Adopting the different training tenets of yoga can lead to multiple benefits that can make your body stronger and your mind sharper. This is why Hollywood celebrities have tapped into this form of exercising as they balance the hassles of their high-pressured jobs with a consistently gruelling work schedule. Furthermore, apart from being a low-impact […]

Makeup and the Workplace

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY  Makeup for the workplace is one of the toughest things to get right. I mean early mornings can be hell for some as it is, with making sure your outfit is right, eating a healthy breakfast, or wrangling your kids out the door. Sitting down to do your makeup is the last […]


BY: TRISHA CURLING  Straight up?  I love them.  I was first attracted to inversions because I thought it would just be really cool to be able to say that I could do a headstand. They are, however, much more than just really cool poses to execute. Inversions have so many benefits for both body and […]

How Much Is Your Dignity Worth? Long-Term Care

BY: ANDREW STEWART  Getting Old! I don’t know about you, but the chirpy tales about ageing, you know, the ones that tell us that age is just a state of mind, that “30 is the new 20” and “60 is the new 40” and “80 the new 60” is getting out of hand. Sure, aging […]

Juvenile Diabetes

BY: ALLISON BROWN  Getting the news that your child has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes as it is also called is a very hard one.  As a parent, you want to know what you did wrong. There is the initial shock of the diagnosis and then the ensuing […]

Let’s Talk Fenty Beauty

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY Rihanna is the latest celebrity to enter the cosmetics business. After two years of development and months of teasing, Rihanna’s debut makeup line Fenty Beauty is finally here! Fenty Beauty launched September 8, 2017, in Sephora worldwide! The beauty line includes foundations and highlighters, which are meant to complement all skin tones and is […]


BY: TRISHA CURLING  You’re in the right place.  I am still talking about yoga, I am not talking about Spanish appetizers.  Iyengar, in his book The Tree of Yoga, describes tapas as “… a burning desire to cleanse every cell of our body and every cell of our senses, so that the senses and the […]

Back-to-School Tips & Insurance

BY: ANDREW STEWART Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement… and anxiety. This year I had mixed emotions about school starting again. Although it will be nice to no longer have to plan eight-hour stretches of entertainment (“Sure, we can play ‘can you find me under the blanket’ for the […]

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