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Essential Tremor

BY: ALLISON BROWN Recently, a very special family friend asked me if I could write an article about Essential Tremor (ET).  I was quite happy to learn that I do have a following of readers who look forward to my article bi-weekly.  I am humbled by the opportunity to share health information as a way […]

How To Pay Unpaid Property Tax in Jamaica

As people from the Caribbean immigrate to foreign countries like Canada, USA and UK, we left behind properties that would been immediately repossessed by...

The Home Cook: Scrambled Eggs,Spinach and Bananas

Jamaican meals are always vibrant and tasty but sometimes it takes a little while to put them together. If you are looking for an...


BY: ALLISON BROWN We hear the term fibroids quite a lot, but what are fibroids anyway?  This article will provide information about fibroids. Fibroids are firm, compact tumors that are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop in the uterus.  Roughly 20% to 50% of women of reproductive age have fibroids, […]

Packing Tips For Your All-Inclusive Vacation

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  Headed South? You don’t need to bring much when you’re hitting the beach. In fact, you could pull off traveling with just your carry-on bag if you pack smart. We share some of our packing tips for your next all-inclusive vacation. Whether or not you are checking a bag, always pack a […]

IMATS – The International Make-up Artist Trade Show

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY Every year there’s a little trade show called IMATS that makes its way to Toronto. And it is make-up Christmas for me! Not only do I get to shop some of my favourite brands (most not readily available here) but there are great deals plus a ton of seminars that get me […]

Relationship With Your Yoga Mat?

BY: TRISHA CURLING  Ok, I know it sounds weird, and I was a little hesitant to put it on paper, but I think it is an important discussion on a few levels. I have actually developed a relationship with my yoga mat! I didn’t really start thinking about it in such a specific way until […]

Jamaican Trip to Mount Fuji

During my trip to mainland Japan, I had the pleasure of visiting the Mount Fuji surrounding area. Although, I had a sense of adventure,...

The “Skinny” on Eczema

BY: ALLISON BROWN According to WebMD, “The skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about two square meters. The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature and permits the sensations of touch, heat and cold. This article will provide information on one of the conditions that […]

Cool, Warm or Neutral: What’s Your Undertone?

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY Have you ever wondered why one foundation shade looks perfect on you, yet another one that appears to be the same shade doesn’t work quite as well?  More than likely, the first one is probably matched perfectly to your skin surface tone and undertone, while the other shade might have the wrong […]

In Need Of An All-Inclusive Vacation? Cuba Is The Answer.

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  Cuba is a celebrated destination among Canadians for its sun-kissed beaches, friendly people, and affordable prices. There are plenty of vacation packages from Toronto that range from budget-friendly to luxurious. We’ve narrowed down some of the best resorts in this Caribbean island for your next Cuba vacation. Valentin Perla Blanca If you’re […]

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey Swears Her $34 Readers “Will Complement Your Whole...

Seasons may change, but Cynthia Bailey Eyewear never goes out of style. As Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know, Cynthia Bailey has been slowly building...

A Reflection on Personal and Professional Life

2016 was one of the most interesting in past memory. There were several surprises that keep many people asking why and are still trying to comprehend some of the unnerving events. 

The Facts About Menopause

BY: ALLISON BROWN  As people age, whether female or male, there are certain changes that the body goes through to mark the transition into older adulthood. This article will provide information about menopause. Menopause can begin at age thirty through to age sixty with the average age of onset being fifty-one.  Typically, around the time […]

10 Local Travel Bloggers To Follow

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  There’s nothing getting lost in the world of travel blogs when you have some time to spare and a case of serious wanderlust to look after. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking some “me” time to read under the sun, here are some of our favourite travel blogs by Torontonians that […]

Advantages of Traveling Solo

BY: AMANDA STANCATI  Don’t put off the trip of your dreams while you wait for a travel buddy. Instead, consider traveling solo.   Solo travel is a habit for some and foreign to others – but you shouldn’t have to leave your passport unstamped because you have no one to travel with.  While it may […]

Frame Your Face With Perfect Brows

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY  The eyebrows are a facial feature that protects your eyes from dirt particles and sweat, but why is this practical feature such an important key beauty feature? From the pencil, thin brows in the 70’s; the fuller, bolder, bushy brows in the 80’s; to the tweezed curvy arches in the 90’s, however, […]

Yoga – The Fountain of Youth

BY: TRISHA CURLING  Wait until you hit thirty, then you’ll know!  Wait until you hit forty, then you’ll know! Wait until you hit fifty, then you’ll know.  Wait until… You get my point.  It’s actually pretty frustrating to continue to hear things like this, especially when you are trying to take control of your health […]

Your Child’s Future Belongs to How You Prepare For It Today

BY: ANDREW STEWART Technology is transforming industries at an incredible rate – and this will only continue. Just look at what Tesla did to the taxi industry and oil companies. Our children’s future is getting more difficult to predict every year. Companies and industries that dominated the world when we were growing up have disappeared […]

Six Family-Friendly Ontario Getaways

BY: NICOLE DEFOREST With the warm weather upon us and the kids out of school, summer is the season to explore your own backyard and travel locally and with Canada 150, there’s no better time. Whether you’re spending the weekend or simply taking a day trip, Ontario has much to offer. Here are some budget-friendly […]

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