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Portie Film Festival to cast spotlight on Boston

Great Huts Resort Paradise on the Edge, located atop cliffs overlooking Boston Bay in Portland, is a small, eco-friendly, Afrocentric retreat resort that...

Vere Johns unearthed musical talents, helped shape J'can music

Whenever recommendations are made concerning the choice of additional national heroes or heroines, little or no mention is made of Vere Johns. Yet,...

'Quick fix needed for Kingston's less than impressive cultural retention

Kingston is largely seen as the Mecca for Jamaican music, however, in recent times, the parish labelled the creative city by cultural critics,...

Authentic sound system culture, a hard sell to sponsors

For the past 28 years (on the second weekend in August), Bass Odyssey has celebrated its anniversary as a sound system. This year...

Gotta Love Bunji’s Strides. Big Things Coming This September.

Off the heels of an epic headlining performance in Toronto at Drake’s OVO Fest last weekend,Bunji Garlin heads to the US state of New York from August 31-September 5th just in time for his “Turn Up” album launch, which is carded for September 1st. He’ll also land in the Big Apple just in time for […]

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‘One per cent’ boycott will hurt workers

LABOUR Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus yesterday said the threat by trade unions of a boycott of businesses owned by the one per cent of the population could end up hurting workers and put hundreds on the breadline .

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