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Kim Kardashian Receives DEATH THREATS After DEFENDING Racist Friend [WATCH VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian Is coming under fire today, for defending her stylist – after he was discovered to have made RACIST posts on Instagram. After he was discovered, Jeffre apologized, and Kim blasted her fans for calling Jeffre out on it. Look:

Facebook Hero Receives BASHING For Disrespecting Women

Social Media sensation Facebook Hero has apologized to his fans after receiving heavy backlash stemming from one of his recent Instagram post. Several fans recently hit out against the popular Vlogger for what they claim is a blatant act of body-shaming against women after he posted a video blasting women with “long breasts” on his […]

Alkaline Turned Down Signing To Sean Kingston’s Label

Dancehall superstar Alkaline allegedly refused an offer to sign for Pop Superstar Sean Kingston’s record label before their recent beef. According to media reports, the “Impact” deejay allegedly turned down an opportunity to sign for Kingston’s Time Is Money record label following their “Ride On Me” remix collaboration. Sources say the Vendetta deejay flatly refused […]

Gully Bop Diss Shauna Chin, She Was A “Done Gyal” He “Fixed Her Up”

Gully Bop is letting the world know he wants nothing to do with his ex-fiancée, controversial recording artist Shauna Chin. The social media sensation-turn-Dancehall artist blasted Chin during a recent Facebook live session after overseas-based recording artist Dr Love suggested he should go back to dating Shauna Chin because she was a good woman. “Mi […]

Lisa Hanna Shows Jamaica How She Looks Going ALL NATURAL … [PHOTO INSIDE]

Lisa Hanna always seem to know what to do whenever she is starved of and craving for attention. She must have known that her pic without make-up was going to attract unkind comments. Met if it was praise she looking for it was an epic failure judging from the backlash on Instagram and Facebook.

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