Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Peace, Freedom and Justice

Peace, Freedom, Justice & Common Decency Is All We Ask For

This year Americans will be going into the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday feeling a sense of division and hopelessness. This is largely because of the battle that has been raging between the two political parties.
Reggae Girlz Defeat Panama at Concacaf Women's Championship

Reggae Girlz: Journey To The 2019 FIFA World Cup

Jamaica continues to demonstrate that it is the ideal destination for creativity, pleasure and achievements.  While Usain Bolt held world records in Track & Field, our musicial culture continues to influence some of the...
US Midterm Election Map

Midterm Election: Which Party Will Control House and Senate?

The American political system has been divided and today it transcends just party lines.  It now goes into personal beliefs about certain issues like religion, immigration, abortion and gun rights.  This division runs so deep,...

Chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP) Plays Blame Game Politics

It is often standard practice for the political party that lost power to challenge every policy and efforts of the current administration in order to maintain some form of political relevance.  Unfortunately,...

The United States of Africa, Will It Ever Become A Reality?

In a recent statement from South Africa’s vocal opposition politician, Julius Malema that challenged Africans to work towards having a decolonised continent, adding that the journey can start with small steps before...

John McCain Was a True Public Servant and American Hero

Over the weekend we lost a true hero who against all odds stood up for what is right regardless of the pressures he would receive from colleagues in his party. John McCain was a...

Say Goodbye to Alex Jones and Infowars

Can you imagine this guy is the face of hate message and since recently was free to share his ridiculous conspiracies on several streaming services?  But no more.  As of yesterday, Alex Jones programs...
Dr. Peter Phillips, Opposition leader of the Peoples National Party.

What Is The Crime Reduction Price For The Jamaican Opposition Party?

Jamaica is known worldwide for its beaches, culture, Reggae music and a place where crime is a national embarrassment.  To combat the growing crime rate, during early 2017, Prime Minister Andrew Holness of the...

The Unrecognizable American Politics

Throughout our lifetime we will live through periods that give us leaders that do not reflect the ideals we hold dear, but for the sake of democracy we have to deal with it.  During the 20...

The Economy Mia Mottley Inherited in Barbados

BARBADOS - For the first time in the history of the country, the people elected their first female Prime Minister who was sworn into office on May 25, 2018.  This was a cause for celebration for the...

The Effect of Nationalism In Trump U.S.A.

Soverignty is defined as the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without interference from outside sources.  In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity. It...

Gun Control In America: Time For Action Not A Bag of Words

During the 1980s and early 1990s Jamaica was plagued by gun violence due to the divisive political rhetorics of the nations two political parties, the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) and the Peoples National Party...

Americans Love A Good Story In Trump USA

There is nothing better than being fully engaged in a story that is full of mystery and intrigue while going through your daily routines.  This is why most good television shows like The Walking...

Blame Trump For The Shutdown

As Americans watch nervously has the Democrats and Republicans failed to avert a government shutdown, the question is now looming, who should be blamed for the shutdown that will affect hundreds of thousands of...

The Injustice of Plea Bargaining

Several people believe money is the root of all evil, but in todays society, money buys everything, even freedom from prosecution.  Everyone should be guaranteed the right to a fair trial, right?  But if...

Trump DACA Suspension Effects on Caribbean Immigrants in America

Mr. Trump gave an entire religious group a big fat F--- you with the signing of the executive order that initiated the muslim ban. 

Trump Muslim Ban: How It Affects Caribbean Populations

Mr. Trump gave an entire religious group a big fat F--- you with the signing of the executive order that initiated the muslim ban. For the first time in my life I am beginning...

A City of Tolerance Bombarded By Racists

The images coming out of Charlottesville, VA over the weekend have been devastating.   The political responses from several politicians Democrats and Republicans condemned what happen, however they their fair criticism of the Presidents...

Diferences between the old days and today

It was a period when we thought everything in our lives were good, carefree and fun.  The good old days is what they called it. But is it really the good old days?  There are...

Trump Negative Media Coverage Is Payback From Obama Years

For the past few weeks, the media have been providing damaging coverages of President Trump and his alleged connections to Russia.  As a voter this is becoming overwhelming and distrust is continues to grow...

Personal History Slipping Away From Us

When you are born in 1917, you get to see more than your share of changes in society. From a time when Africans in the west were called Negroes, now becoming true citizens within...

The Formalization of Jamaican Patios/Patwa

For more than a century Jamaicans are taught to reject their cultural dialect and embrace British english in order to gain economic, social and political opportunities.  Those who embrace this methodology strive while others...

Differences in Opinion for the Fight for Equality

To understand what lead to the social state of the African American race during the early 20th century, one must understand the history of disenfranchisement that is rooted in the political, social and economic...

Grassroots Resistance For Change

After the events of the last election, community engagement became very important. Right now across the nation thousands, maybe millions of people are organizing and protesting the current administration. Although, this is a welcome sight...

A Role In Life from the Routines of Life

Throughout human existence, there have never been a standard to which one must live, however humans are destined to become victims of recurring routines. One may beg to wonder, why are humans creatures of routines?...
Library of Congress

African American Heritage: African American Protest During World War II

Half a million African Americans served in Europe during World War II but regardless of the number, they faced mounting racial discrimination by those they serve with.

African American Heritage: African Americans During The Great Depression

In the early 20th century, African Americans wanted to escape the oppressive south for places where they can have economic and social freedoms.  This was known as the The Great Migration.  


African American Heritage: The Harlem Renaissance

African American culture during the early 20th century was deeply rooted in societal restrictions that deprive them of self-worth, pride, self-esteem and a sense of community in southern states. 


African American Heritage: The Significance of the Brown vs The Board of Education

During the early 20th century majority of American society was racially segregation base on part to the 1896 Supreme Court ruling of Plessy vs. Ferguson that set the precedence for the “separate but equal” argument that made it okay for state and federal governments to implement discriminatory laws that segregate blacks from whites in all public places, in addition to private institutions.

African American Heritage: The Role of the Black Church In African American Culture

The church has been an important aspect of African American culture since the time of slavery.  Once slaves were exposed to the bible and western religion, they found comfort and direction in the same book that was used to justify their enslavement.


Trump Issued Cross-the-Board Federal Workforce Hiring Freeze

The President just signed a memorandum regarding the hiring freeze of the federal workforce. Since there were talk of it happening, it was expected. However, the lingering question is whether the freeze will yield the desired result.


African American Heritage: The Rise of the Black Power Movement In The 1960s

In the 1920s Marcus Garvey’s United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was the leading force for black consciousness, black pride and black empowerment.  

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Black Lives Matter Movement: A Civil Rights Movement for Change

January 16th is marked as a day of celebration for civil rights movement throughout the nation, but there are several states that choose to ignore the federal holiday. This is an example of the disregard for the Africans in America struggle some state government. If this simple observation is being denied, then how can the issues of the Black Power Movement gain any traction or recognition from state governments?


The Search for Hope Through the Audacity of Fear

A rallying cry for hope was echoed across the regions that separated man from woman and the many culture of people who shared the land of the free in 2008.  Hope is an unwinding concept that spark revolts leading to revolutions.  Hope strives from optimism of a bright vision of change for the future.

African American Heritage: The Promise of a Bright Future from a Racist Past

The Jim Crow era saw the reduction in the promise of freedom and equality that was significant to Africans In America.

A Role In Life from the Routines of Life

Throughout human existence, there have never been a standard to which one must live, however humans are destined to become victims of recurring routines.


Misconceptions About Jamaican People

Jamaican culture is possible one of the most popular from the Caribbean, so the perceptions of Jamaican people is easily misunderstood. There are millions of Jamaicans living abroad and they have to learn to assimilate into foreign societies and often time they are forced to  become the subject matter expert about the culture. 

Is Driving a Game?

When did driving to work become a game?


Why Do I Have To Believe in Something Just to Fit Into Society?

Belief is the driving force of most of social, economical or political issues of today and it makes living in a free society difficult when you are forced to say you believe in something other than yourself.

Remember Jim Crow: It Did Not Make America Great

Throughout history, nations across the world utilize political controls to establish discriminatory systems that infringe on the rights of different groups within their borders.  Up until the last 20th century, the United States maintained discriminatory laws that denies all basic human rights from citizens of color or national origin known as the Jim Crow Laws.


Real Life of Caribbean Celebrities

A faithful view of celebrity life is often convoluted by the flashy nature of the deception perpetrated in the false sense of reality.

Electoral Map

Misinformation Won US Election

Electoral Map
Looks like many across the country agree that Donald Trump should get dump as the President-Elect because across the region many is taking to the street in protest.

Understanding the Society In Which We Live

Modern society bears a large resemblance of civilizations of the past whether economical, social, militaristic or political. Exploration of the past provides an understanding of the civilization in which we now live.

Jamaican Local Government Election

Jamaican Local Election: Is It Too Soon?

[caption id="attachment_52560" align="alignnone" width="740"]Jamaican Local Government ElectionPrime Minister Andrew Holness at a JLP Meeting[/caption]

With the hopes of balancing the power between the two ruling parties, the government of Jamaica is calling for a local election to held on November 25, 2016. 

The Eventual Meltdown Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump appears to be have hit rock bottom and don't even know it from the look of how is campaign is trying to spin all his negatives to pitch Clinton's negatives.

A Look Inside: The Poor People Governor

It would be a great honor, but also a burden to be dub the governor of a group of disenfranchised individuals living in conditions that are completely deplorable.

Clinton and Trump: The Presidential Debates

For months we were forced to face the reality that the Republican party has chosen an unprepared, self-proclaimed knower of all things for its candidate for president and tonight we got to see the disaster right before our eyes.

Students Kicked Out of Class Because of Tattoos

Students in Jamaican public schools may be denied entry into classrooms because of tattoos.  This new push for personal grooming standards came from the Education Minister Ruel Reid.

AEON Mall Impact on Neighborhood Businesses In Okinawa

Whenever a business chain enters a community, there are always positive and negative impact on existing local businesses.

Jamaican Bauxite Industry

Political Decisions Cause Crime & Unemployment

There was a time when I lived in Jamaica and the economy was not as troublesome as it is today.  We are seeing the rise in crime, unemployment and the reduction in self-sustaining public industries.  Political decisions contributed to the decline in Jamaican's positive view in the future of the country.

Homophobic Jamaica Why?

It is quite interesting how the people living in Jamaica and some in the diaspora continues to concern themselves with the lifestyle of a minority group within the country.  As a nation we are proud of our diversity and our willingness to tolerate various cultures within our society, but when it comes to one social issue that's where they draw the line.  Why?

Trump Inner City Argument

In every country there are folks that feel like they are deliberately left out and are not reaping the benefits from the individuals they elect into office to represent them. 


The Presidential Debate: The Trump Effect

As the election date moves closer to November, political analysts are speculating on the next political event, the Presidential Debate. 

Andrew Holness: What The Economy Need To Rebound

So the Jamaican people have given the Jamaican Labor Party another opportunity to steer the country in a direction that may lead to some upward momentum.  The biggest problem that most Jamaicans will say facing them today is unemployment and poverty.  The economical situation among the poorest of Jamaicans is increasingly devastating and have been an embarrassment for all the administrations that were in power since the last two decades.

Jamaican Pride Worldwide

Our independence was a fine display of black green on gold. Jamaican culture was on display. From Reggae to Rio fashion show that featured the gorgeous young women who will be competing in the Miss Universe Jamaica competition to Grand Gala, were out and about to bring you all the highlights.

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