Neglect the west, neglect our history

 Western Jamaica has played its role for centuries in forcing this country to come to terms with the various social ills that haunt this land. On Christmas Day 1831, Samuel Sharpe and his band of revolutionaries sent a very clear message to the British Crown that the inhumane, cruel and degrading system of slavery could not continue; the status quo had to change.

Barbados telephoned the IMF, is St Lucia next?

One week after her Barbados Labour Party's (BLP) historic victory at the polls and getting to work on the economic reality in Barbados — meeting with social partners, trade unions and the business community — Mia Mottley telephoned managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde.

Rename Lady Musgrave Road the Edward Seaga Road

JAMAICA'S's fifth prime minister, the Honourable Edward Seaga, who has significantly contributed to the development of the road infrastructure in Jamaica, should have one of the city's important roads renamed after him — Lady Musgrave Road.

The ‘messy middle’ of democracy and the need

A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy. The press must be free from State interference. It must have the economic strength to stand up to the blandishments of government officials. It must have sufficient independence from vested interests to be bold and inquiring without fear or favour. It must enjoy the protection of the constitution so that it can protect our rights as citizens. — Nelson Mandela 

This Jamaica train is rolling

“The traffic!” is a common complaint here in Kingston. My theory is that, with our efficient ports and infrastructure, Kingston became a hub after the passing of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Within a week after the storms I noticed busy hotel lobbies and a deluge of traffic. It follows that with the damage to ports and infrastructure in neighbouring islands there was dislocation and some relocation to Jamaica.

Let Mia Mottley’s seed sprout across the Caribbean

In the wake of the clean sweep by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of all the seats in the general election on May 24 for the Barbados House of Representatives, the problem of no parliamentary Opposition has rightly become a matter for wider discussion in the Caribbean and farther abroad.

The place of women in the Church

The clearly misogynistic and intemperate comments of American evangelist Gino Jennings on how women in the Church should dress and adorn themselves is a matter that has incensed a lot of Jamaicans. It has brought into public gaze, once again, the issue of the place of women in the Church. It might be easy to just simply ignore Jennings' misinformed comments as arrant nonsense, but when so many people, including women, seem to agree with him, the matter needs further...

Ramshackle PNP — Allan Isaacs said it from in the 70s

Ears that do not listen to advice accompany the head when it is chopped off. — Kenyan proverb Early last month I made reference to Allan Isaacs, a former People's National Party (PNP) minister, and quoted his disgust for what he deemed was the ramshackle state of Norman Manley's party in the 70s. Some of whom I suspect are my younger readers have been asking me to say more on Isaacs. I hope this bit helps.

Counter punch of climate change and political ‘permission’

The hurricane season started officially on June 1. Already, however, heavy rains and flash flooding have started. Last Sunday, flash flooding in Maryland, USA, resulted in one river rising 17 feet in two hours. Some eight inches of rain was recorded in six hours. Residents looked on in horror as roads quickly became rivers and vehicles moved away like match boxes.

The visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

“And Mary said: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour, because He has looked with favour on the humble condition of His servant. And from now on all generations will call me blessed… He has done a mighty deed with His arm; He has scattered the proud in their conceit; He has toppled the mighty from their thrones and exalted the lowly. He has satisfied the hungry with good things and sent the rich away...

The Barbados election and the Jamaican context

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in Barbados, under the leadership of then Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, has suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Barbadian Labour Party (BLP) led by now Prime Minister Mia Mottley. It was a complete wipeout of the DLP. They did not get one seat in the people's parliament. All 30 went to the BLP.

Montego Freeport — driver of growth in the second city

'Progredimur Ne Pereamus', translated to the English language and meaning 'Progress Lest We Perish', is inscribed at the bottom of Montego Bay city's crest.

The elusive growth: Agriculture (Part 2)

“If education is the forgotten child in the Jamaican family, agriculture is the wayward one. It's a matter of choice: one has nowhere going and the other has nowhere to go” — Edward Seaga  Up until the mid-1960s Jamaica was run by “king sugar” and while bananas had no royal position, it could be called “queen” banana. They were the two drivers of the Jamaican economy.

World power: The arms race, security dilemma and polarity trifecta

Colin Grey (1971) describes arms race as when two or more parties (nation states), believed to be in an adversarial relationship, are increasing or improving their armament at a rapid rate, and reconstructing their respective military posture with general attention to the current, past and anticipated military and political behaviour of the other party. The general understanding of arms race, however, is said to be a gradual and substantive development, build-up, or...

To raise or not to raze a village?

As a society, we should realise that evil knocks on the door when we purpose in our hearts to lock others out. Bob Marley, inspired by Haile Selassie, reminds us of the stakes of the purposeful alienation of others: “Until the philosophy [thinking/school assignment] that holds [or makes] one race [group] superior and another inferior is finally and permanently, discredited and abandoned everywhere is war.”

Ethical leadership, governance and fighting corruption

“ Many speak strongly, quietly, but effectively as whistle-blowers. There aren't enough women in powerful positions, and the few in power often don't have enough organisational roots to challenge the men they find in powerful enclaves within the organisations they run. Speaking out is indeed risky and isolating.” — Thuli Madonsela.

1-7 recovery

When the 2018 World Cup opens on Thursday, June 14, at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia, all eyes will be on Brazil following their shocking crash-out in the 2014 tournament.A promising campaign on home soil had ended in dismal failure. Brazil had gone into the semi-finals against Germany with their tails up and most of the world's fans supporting them.

Political hubris and justice

On the heels of a massive election loss for outgoing Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart, columnist Sir Ronald Sanders, ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the US, charges that his termination by his country's electorate can be traced to his recent assault on the institution that is the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Sir Ronald offers that the scary proclamation of his intention to withdraw Barbados — one of the first four signatories — from the appellate...



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