5 Yoga Stretches that Help Alleviate Back Pain

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Yoga makes up for an excellent technique you can use, and there are various poses involved. Fortunately, you don't have to be an expert or experienced to access its benefits with yoga. It also works well for people of different age groups or even generally unfit. We take a look at five yoga stretches that help alleviate back pain:   

  1. 1 Child’s Pose

    Use this pose to achieve a unique calmness and improved mental functions. The stretch also involves various body parts, including the thighs, hips, ankles, and more. Use this technique; you want a low-key but practical approach to stretching your entire body.

    The options you can use for the pose are also many. For instance, you can set your head on a pillow or duvet underneath your body. Remember the importance of focusing your energy on the moment as you perform this pose for the best results.

  2. 2 Downward Facing Dog

    The downward-facing dog involves stretching the shoulders, hamstrings, and a few sections of your feet. It's an excellent technique for people who have to work in one position for long periods, such as a desk.

    The stretch also works well to solve aching shoulders and back muscles. However, you might have to look for other poses if you have struggled with health issues such as tunnel syndrome. Women in the final months of gestation should avoid the pose.

    The key to success with this pose is to place your weight all across the flow. Ensure you stretch your palms while also lifting your back and shoulder muscles simultaneously.

  3. 3 Plank Pose

    The Plank pose also goes by the term Phalakasana, and it involves holding the body in a linear position. The plank pose is famous because it's easy to apply and helps stretch various body sections.

    It's also an excellent pose for people who engage in regular physical activity or want an improved body tone. The reason is that it focuses on strengthening the core muscles. The only challenge with this pose is that it requires you to be fit or in excellent physical condition.

    There are various techniques through which a yoga student can also modify the plank pose for even more body stretching benefits. The suggestion is to put your knees on the flow and focus on the moment as you do this pose.

  4. 4 Bridge Pose

    The bridge pose focuses on stretching the muscles in the torso area, including the neck, back, chest, and more. The technique helps develop strength in body parts such as the back and muscles in the hamstring. The good thing about the bridge yoga pose is that it works well for people who live active or sedentary lifestyles.

    However, keep off this pose if you have issues such as injury to the neck or herniated disc symptoms. You can place a rolled towel or duvet between your thighs for alignment for improved comfort. Remember to set your chest in an elevated position to help improve the physical health benefits it can provide.

  5. 5 Corpse Pose

    While it sounds rather unusual, the corpse pose is one of the best ways to alleviate back pain complications. The reason why this pose is famous is that it holds a meaning that is similar to life. It's the pose people perform at the end of yoga classes, focusing mainly on rest.

    The pose involves laying down on your back and setting your hands beside your body. The yoga pose offers the perfect moment to engage in mindfulness or meditation techniques. The reason is that you lay down with your back on the floor, and your body has more mental power to focus on mindfulness methods.

    One suggestion you can use to modify this yoga pose is to place a blanket under your knees to help relieve tension. Then, ensure you feel as your body rests on the surface, and remember to focus on mindfulness techniques. However, you can skip it if you feel your body is well-rested.


Overall, yoga stretches can only be beneficial when you do them right. Fortunately, performing these stretches is easy once you have the correct information. Remember the importance of being mindful and focusing when performing these techniques.



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