Winning Jah – Save Dolphins [Official Video 2017]

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Title: Save Dolphins

Artist: Winning Jah
Records Label: Enorecords S.n.c
Video Directed and Shot by: Maurizio Ghiotti
Songwriter/Producer: Winning Jah

After the massive killing of Africa immigrants in Libya became a global headline all over the world, due to their usual migration in search of a greener pasture, the fundamental meal of fishes, waves and Dolphins resulted immigrants corps frequently discovered beneath sea, as a matter of this babaric act, the Dolphins, Fishes and Whales took it personal after loosing their natural enviroment for polutions and unwanted diseases fuelled by daily assisinated Africans by uncompromising crime fanatics, the reasons Dolphins and her siblings found themselves in aquarium, which they defined homeless but not a hygenic refuge.

Kingsley Eno Osagie popularly honored as Nigeria King of Reggae, philanthropist, vegetarian and a rasfari movement co ordinator in Nigeria popularly known as Winning Jah, descided to illustrate the pains of the peaceful Dolphins and fishes, writing the song with pains and passion “Save Dolphins”

Kingsley Eno Osagie, Popularly known as Winning Jah , born on 12/12/1973 at Kano State in the northern part of Nigeria, is a veteran Nigerian Reggae Musician,song writer,Philanthropist,Author and a multi-instrumentalist, best known for his hit songs like Big Man later Banned by Nigerian Police Forcein 1990’s, his hit song Deep Sea was nominated by Amnesty International Music Award in category of Voceperlalibertà hosted in Italy 2017, honored as Nigeria King of Reggae by Nigeria reggae fans and mainstream musicians, he is also the founder of AMC1D Projects International Onlus ,his song Rude Boy sold over 280 thousand units at Alaba International Market in Nigeria lesser than previous sales history like in “Big Man” which sold over 650,000 units all over Nigeria. also resulted as the most cheapest quality studio Album ever sold in the history of Nigeria music entertainment ,at the rate of ₦ 40,00 Naira per album unit before it was banned in national markets and local street hawkers, because of Political critiscm lyrics used by Winning Jah. He created a Reggae genere spiced with Edo state cultural music he called Emababa beat recently used nation wide in Nigeria by notable 21th century Reggae musicians, Winning Jah is also a professional Djembe teacher.

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