Knickers the giant steer has been overtaken in the stakes of enormous viral bovines, just two days after finding online celebrity.

The seven-year-old neutered male cow stands at a whopping 6ft 4in.

His extraordinary size saved him from the slaughterhouse as he was unable to be processed.

Image:Knickers the steer
Dozer, with human for scale. Pic: Kismet Creek Farm
Image:Dozer, with human for scale. Pic: Kismet Creek Farm

But there’s a new big steer capturing people’s hearts – and he’s even bigger.

At just over 6ft 5in, Dozer is described as a “gentle giant”.

Karl Schoenrock and his wife Raelle run the Kismet Creek Farm animal sanctuary near Steinbach, Mantioba, in Canada, where Dozer lives.

Like Knickers, Dozer is a Holstein Friesian and was destined for the slaughterhouse. Canadian media report a vegan woman named as Rebecca rescued him.

Dozer lives alongside a number of other animals, including horses and goats, at the sanctuary where they can live out their rest of their lives.

“Dozer’s quite the gentle giant,” he added.

“We have a couple of horses in the same pen with him and they kind of push him around a little bit and he allows it. He’s just that type of guy, that he’s very, very calm.”

Dozer is affectionate to humans, too.

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Video:The steer – a neutered male cow – is almost as tall as basketball star Michael Jordan and weighs as much as a Mini Cooper

“Oh, he is a smusher,” Mr Schoenrock said.

“You start scratching him and he’ll just push into you just to get more scratches, and he loves it.”

It’s not all rosy for Dozer. According to posts on the sanctuary’s Facebook, Dozer’s feet struggle to cope with his weight which causes him pain.

Despite beating Knickers, Dozer is shy of claiming the official world-record title for tallest steer.

Reigning champion Bellino, who lives in Italy, stands at at 6ft 6in.

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