How to Turn Your Automobile into a Camper

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Your car can be a good companion when you want to move from one place to another for adventure. When you go camping, you can use your car as a camper. The car will come in handy when you avoid sleeping in tents or hiring an expensive hotel room. Here’s how you can turn your automobile into a camper.

  1. 1 Assess Your Vehicle

    First, you need to assess your car and know what to carry. The size of your vehicle does not matter, even a small car can make a good camper. Once you have decided on the type of car to use, check on creating a bed. Remember you are using your vehicle to avoid sleeping in tents or paying for a room. Most vehicles have back seats that fold inwards to create space. After folding the seats, check the available space, and confirm if it is enough for someone to be horizontal. If the space is enough, you can place a mattress and make your camping bed. However, if the space is not enough, you can get the best roof top tent for Toyota 4runner and sleep on the top of your automobile in style and comfort.

  2. 2 Decide on Your Car Layout

    When you use your car as a camper, you will want it to carry everything you need for camping. That means you need a proper layout for you to arrange everything in the car. For instance, you can make a sleeping platform with storage underneath it. To decide on the layout, you need to know how many people will be sleeping in the car. Therefore if you have many people camping, you will need a larger sleeping space. For storage, you will need to use storage bins to save on space. You can make attachable rooftop boxes to save more on your space. If you are camping for many days, you will need more space for comfort. Ensure the layout you make is favorable and leaves more space in the car.

  3. 3 Create Your Platform

    Once you have decided on the camping layout, it is time to create the platform. It will be easy for you- if not, you will have to ask someone to help you. You can browse the internet on DIYs on how to make a camping rig. First, you will need to measure the interior of your space to know the size of wood to use. Making the platform is like making legs of a plunk bed. Your concern is on the sleeping space. Measure all the lengths available after folding your seats. Do not measure to the end because you will have to close the trunk when you sleep. The height of the platform will depend on the space you need beneath and how much headroom you need. If you have storage bins, ensure the space you leave underneath fits the height of the containers. Once you have all the required measurements, go ahead and make your platform.

  4. 4 Ensure Your Car is Warm

    In most cases, you will be camping in cold areas. You will enjoy your camping time if you make your camper warm and cozy. There are various hacks to make your vehicle friendly during the camp. If you have space, carry extra blankets, long-sleeved clothes, and sleeping bags. However, taking additional items might make your space small and limit your comfort. If your vehicle has a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, ensure it is working well. Set your system in the heating mode to keep your car warm as you sleep. You can also use a heater, but it would be best if you use the heater separately. Using the heater inside your vehicle might be dangerous- use it to warm your car outside, then turn it off when you sleep.


Camping is fun, but sleeping outside can quickly get uncomfortable. The cold can be too much, and you end up falling sick. You can quickly turn your automobile into a camper and enjoy your camping. Other than camping, you can also use your automobile for long road trips and sleep in the car instead of paying for hotel rooms. You might find it hard when you think of the process- however, it is easy to turn your vehicle into a camper with the right guide. 


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