Quando Rondo Holds No Remorse Over King Von’s Killing In “End Of Story”


Quando Rondo is defiant and holds no remorse over King Von’s killing as he addressed the issue in a new song, “End Of Story.”

A reminder that being a gangster has its consequences seems to be the message that Quando Rondo is pushing in his new song addressing the tragic incident that took the life of King Von and others outside of an Atlanta Hookah Lounge earlier this month. With the use of cameras, police were able to apprehend the shooter, Timothy Leeks, otherwise called Lil Tum, just a day after the incident.

Since then, Quando Rondo has been advocating for his associate online. His most recent stop was the comment section of Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s Verzuz battle that took place on Thursday, November 19. Rondo wrote, “#FreeLilTum” as over 1.7 million viewers tuned in. Armed with a video of what exactly took place, Quando is confident that the deaths will be ruled as acts of self-defense.

The NBA Youngboy associate covers the actual shooting incident and then some on the new track “End of Story,” which was released earlier today.

“Blood on your brother on the ground, gon’ pick your mans up / Damn right we screaming self-defense, he shouldn’t have never put his hands on me / Look at the footage, that’s all the evidence, see them p**sy niggas shouldn’t have ran up on me,” he raps.

There have been talks that the Savannah, GA rapper has been in hiding since the incident. To that, he said, “Who the f**k said that I was hidin’? / I’m still ridin’ ’round with them bands on me.”

In a chilling revelation, he accepts that the incident has made him somewhat of a target, something that the comments filed below his recent posts have proven. “Know many men, they wanna kill me, feeling like Curtis Jackson, woah/I don’t give a f**k, I know how it feel / My mans ain’t do nothing wrong / And if your mans wouldn’t have did the same, you need to stop f__king with him / They on our side and everybody think this sh*t a game / I already know it’s murder behind this sh*t,” he raps.

He also addressed a rumor of duking out from a show in Atlanta after it was rumored that Von’s associate Lil Durk purchased all the tickets. “To set the records straight, I ain’t never had no show inside the A/Million on my head, that’s what they say/That’s all you got, b_tch, make it eight,” he boasts.

The somber awry beat produced by Mook On The Beats and Dubba-AA makes the delivery and lyrics from the young rapper even more taunting.

You can check out the audio below to hear what else Rondo had to say.

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