Vybz Kartel & Lisa Mercedez Style Stylo G In Diss Track “His Loss”


Vybz Kartel and Lisa Mercedez beef with Stylo G intensifies with a new diss track.

Things are getting nasty between Stylo G and the mother of his second child- Lisa Mercedez, as the former has teamed up with Vybz Kartel in a new diss track His Loss that targets Stylo G. The two British-based artistes have been at it since the week started, with Mercedez putting Stylo G on blast that he doesn’t mind his daughter and also claiming that he was fond of giving her oral sex.

Stylo G has responded by threatening to drop a diss track for Mercedez and will probably cite lyrics from earlier claims that she had a vaginal odor, something that is considered a major insult in dancehall music. Lisa Mercedez, who has claimed to be in a relationship with Vybz Kartel, has responded, and this time the Worl’Boss himself is joining her to diss Stylo G.

The song goes – “Some Bwoy weh mi sex mi shoulda never sex, some boys weh mi tek mi shoulda never tek, no regrets but yow dem pussy deh.”

Kartel joins in saying, “dem ungle bring crasses and destruction, glad you learned your lesson, never be a victim again.”

Lisa Mercedez says in the song that anyone she has left – it’s his loss, and she applauds the “Big boss,” presumably Kartel in this case. “Nuh want nobody watch mi draws, bwoy at his yard pissed off. Cya style me, fava eediat,” she delivers, much to the celebration of Gaza fans.

In the song, she does say, though, that if Stylo G wants to talk to his daughter, she’d organize that, but she has otherwise blocked him from contacting her.

Meanwhile, the fans also joined in clowning Stylo. One commented, “Bwoy lock get picked by the mercedes dealership and do duty BWOY a wastebasket”

Another fan commented, “this is for the big waste man| mawma man| spoilo g! A real Don inna e thickaz ole #His Loss”

Another fan was more cautious as he said, “I will remember this song when you’re on your face.”

Lisa Mercedez maintains that she is in a relationship with Vybz Kartel, although the Ramping Shop artiste is currently serving a life sentence for murder, and they have never met in person. She has noted that they have an emotional connection.

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Story first appeared at UrbanIslandz.com

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