Megan Thee Stallion Drops ‘Good News’ Album, Violates Tory Lanez On “Shots Fired”


Megan Thee Stallion’s new album Good News is now out and a new diss track is creating waves.

Megan Thee Stallion seems to be addressing the shooting incident with Tory Lanez in a new diss track released on her Good News album, although she doesn’t directly refer to him. This week, Lanez’s Attorney Shawn Holley failed to get the judge in the case to put a gag order on Megan, who she complained was speaking to the media about the incident, which could be prejudicial to Lanez and the upcoming trial. Instead, the judge granted a protective order against Lanez, which extends to banning him from using social media to attack or create space for his followers to attack the “WAP” rapper.

Megan, who released her new album this week, seemingly disses Lanez on her single “Shots Fired’ over a beat that samples the Notorious B.I.Gs “Who Shot Ya?”

The line goes, “You shot a 5’10” bitch, with a .22 / Talking bout bones and tendons like them bullets weren’t pellets.”

She also insults Tory Lanez for not being able to handle rejection “A p***y n***a with a pussy gun in his feelings/Okay, he in the backseat and he keep callin’ me a bitch (He a bitch)/ We all know this shit, I coulda came back with (Lil’ ass n***a).”

She continues, “he talking’ ‘bout his followers, dollars and goofy shit/ I told him ‘You’re not poppin’, you just on a remix’ (What’s poppin’?) Now here we are, 2020, eight months later/ and you still ain’t got no f*uckin’ justice for Breonna Taylor (Breonna Taylor).”

The rapper was shot in the leg and hospitalized following the shooting in Hollywood Hills involving Lanez, who she says shot her. In August, she said Lanez shot her, but the Canadian rapper denied that he did, calling her a liar on his Instagram live video. However, in spite of his denial, Megan says Tory offered her and another friend money to keep quiet.

Lanez also complained that he had lost business and music sales following the incident as fans of Megan Thee Stallion canceled him.

Lanez is facing a number of changes before a Los Angeles court. If convicted, he faces a 22-year maximum sentence.

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