WWE Survivor Series: Ronda Rousey was brutalised by Charlotte Flair (Image: WWE)
WWE Survivor Series: Ronda Rousey was brutalised by Charlotte Flair (Image: WWE)

On Sunday WWE fans got to experience one of the most anticipated fights between two of its best matched superstars and it was not for the faint of heart.  Survivor Series was in full swing in Los Angeles, CA and one of the most anticipated fights were between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

WWE was promoting the bout between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey for months.  Both Superstars were going back and forth and the heat was turned up to an 100 degree.  Becky called Ronda weak and pathetic.  There was even a mention of her crawling up under her pillow after her career loss in MMA.  At this point fans were waiting for Ronda to shut her up.  Unfortunately Becky Lynch got injured and she had to back out of the match up.  However, Becky Lynch fashion, she hand picked her replacement.  The WWE universe was surprise to learn that her choice was none other than The Queen Charlotte Flair.

Attack of the Flair

Most analysts would say that both superstars were evenly matched and anything was expected.  Early in the match they countered each others moves.  Having a liking for both superstars, it could have gone either way, but Rousey was favored to win.  At some point Charlotte Flair realized she may not achieve her goal of becoming the Champion so she choice to go completely dark.  It was apparent by her facial expression that was completely devious.  That was when she lost it and started to attack Rousey viciously.

Flair surprise attacked with a kendo stick outside the ring that completely broke apart with every stroke to Rousey’s body. Rousey laid helpless while protecting her body from the never-ending attack.  Charlotte continued the attack with another kendo stick after she dragged Rousey’s helpless body into the center of the ring.

Flair went as far as bringing in a steel chair to the ring and shoved Rousey’s head through the fold between the seat and the back rest.   As more referees rushed to the ring to assist Flair broke free and jumped down on the legs of the chair which forced a section of the chair to pressed down on Rousey’s throat.  At times it was painful to see the champ completely helpless against the attack, but regardless it was hard to turn away.

When Charlotte Flair was disqualified and finally escorted from the ring, Rousey was still laying helpless in the ring.  Showing resilience Rousey refused assistance from the referees when they offered to help her.  She picked herself up and walked out of the ring, blooded, bruised and disappointed.   As she walked back to the locker room she muttered the words “I will be back”.

Setup for a great rematch

Being a longtime fan of WWE it is apparent this was the start of a great rivalry that will fuel several story lines in the upcoming months.  Since her debut in the WWE, no one was able to leave Rousey damaged like this before.  Not Becky Lynch, not Nia Jax, not Alexa Bliss and sure as hell not Nikki Bella. Charlotte Flair is devious, she has the showmanship of her father and definitely the DNA for cheating.  Rousey was caught off guard by Flairs’ attack but this will be the and only time it will happen. As she stated she will be back.

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