5 Weed Businesses To Support in the U.S.

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Until recently, cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, was too complex to understand as a business. Some thought of it as hippie-goodness since they used it for its medicinal or stress relief purposes. Others use it recreationally for its euphoric feelings, and others serve or are serving long prison sentences for selling it. However, cannabis is now big business, legalized in several states, while others are working to make it legal. Continue reading to discover how unethical practice and growers are raking in money fast and five mission-driven cannabis businesses to support.

The states within the U.S. and different countries are all trying to keep up with the growing cannabis industry. It is in high demand, yet, regulating everything about it is difficult. That includes manufacturing, distribution, and how jobs deal with a potential employee who may have the legal right to use cannabis.

With all the complexities of cannabis, some companies that should be supported favorably supported their missions align and they want to get involved in the community in significant ways. Those companies and their missions are:

  1. 1 Theory Wellness

    Theory Wellness is passionate about providing the best cannabis to those in the Massachusetts region as possible. Their Chicopee dispensary is for medical and recreational use and can be picked up or ordered online and delivered. Theory Wellness focuses on creating small batches of unique strains, and the dispensary prides itself with infusing its flowers with what its customers find amazing. As a cannabis business support, their mission serves to foster a sustainable industry, continue to push for social justice, advance critical research into cannabis and enhance the communities.

  2. 2 The People's Ecosystem

    The People's Ecosystem was founded in 2010 by Christine De La Rosa after she was given an edible. The night she ate the edible, she slept better than she had in months due to illness. Saying that was her foray into using cannabis, she decided to start a business. The People's Ecosystem operates out of Portland, Oregon, and has plans to build in other locations in the U.S. They distribute flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more.

    The People's Ecosystem empowers communities through cannabis from legacy to legends. They package products using sustainable materials like 100% plant-based hemp plastic and 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.

  3. 3 Dogwood Botanicals

    Dogwood Botanicals is a female-owned cannabis business created to promote wellness benefits. They have several years of experience in the cannabis space and make Calendula Rose CBD cream and other offerings using CBD oil. They credit cannabis for changing lives and making people feel fabulous from the inside out. Dogwood Botanicals uses organic materials, eco-friendly practices, 100% recycled materials that are biodegradable. They also donate 1% of all their profits to organizations working toward equity. Dogwood Botanicals has a triple bottom line mission - to serve the people, planet and then profit when they make business decisions.

  4. 4 Terrapin Care Station

    Terrapin Care Station from Boulder, Colorado, cultivates high-quality medicinal and recreational cannabis products, including flowers, vapes, topicals, tinctures, and more. They use LED lights to grow products and brag about being engaged in the community they sell to because they want to impact positively. They prioritize sustainability at every turn in their business and understand the connection between culture, veterans, political advocacy, justice initiatives, and just about every other area of life. Terrapin Care Station is committed to protecting the environment and using materials that reflect that. Their mission is to use technology to meet demands by taking aggressive steps toward sustainability.

  5. 5 Brother's David

    Brother's David opened for business on Earth Day in 2019. Their love and obsession of the earth lead them to doing the right things. They are part of a legacy family founded by Dr. Bronner's organic soaps. The brothers have a Sun & Earth certification which means that their cannabis is grown in soil, under the sun, chemical-free, using fair trade practices. Some of their products have names like Magic Melon, Purple Sorbet, and Orange Valley Sun, which can all be purchased in ½ ounce containers. The brothers give away 100% of their profits to charities that support small family farms. Its mission is to fight the prohibition of cannabis at the state and federal levels.


As this article has described, cannabis is a big business and some ethical practices can easily be compromised. However, there are several mission-driven cannabis businesses that are worthy of support.


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