Midterm Election: Which Party Will Control House and Senate?

US Midterm Election Map
Midterms Election Map

The American political system has been divided and today it transcends just party lines.  It now goes into personal beliefs about certain issues like religion, immigration, abortion and gun rights.  This division runs so deep, it seems like there is a constant battle been fought between people who believe they are right and the other person and party is wrong.  Unfortunately, this also creates a societal fringe that desires to be neither right nor wrong.  This group fuels the fights,  feed on the anger and hatred that comes from the divisiveness and contributes to the discourse that is currently dominating the political spectrum.  As a result it has affected voters and the voting system going into the midterm election.

This mentality drives rational thinkers to stray from rational ideology into a place where the belief is that their fellow citizens and established institutions are the enemy of the people.   As a result what was often regarded as bad behavior is now normal, and violent reactions to opposition is rewarded.  The political parties continues to blame each other for the mess but in most cases one side refuse to recognize and condemn the negative activities of some of the party members.  This is what’s driving the Democratic party to believe they have an opportunity to correct the course and move the country in a better direction after the midterm election.  What is being recognized though, is the negatives, racial, misinformation and dishonesty of several elected officials in both parties who will do anything like cheat the system in order to maintain or possess more power.

In Texas, voter registration has been attacked by changing up requirements for registration at the last moment.  In other states, the Republican members gerrymandered districts in favor of their party and in Florida the candidate for governor who is the current Secretary of State has been holding on to voter registrations of more than 20, 000 voters in an attempt to dissuade voters.  There are trickery like misleading Democratic voters about the date for the election and their right to vote.  Other racist groups sends out racist robot calls to voters in majority African American communities.  These are some examples of the buffoonery and the length in which special interest groups, elected officials and candidates for office are going to try and dissuade voters from exercising their rights to vote in the Midterm Election.

There is a strong talk of a blue wave, but in truth it is just talk.  Yes, Democrats are enthusiastic about taking back control of the house and senate, but there is still a fear that the people representing the party may not have the same agenda as us.  Democrats do have a strong message and that is in contrast to the Republicans who have been caught in several miss-representations on several key issues Democrats cares about.  But regardless, the midterm election will finally provide an insight into the power of messaging, but we should only consider one message when we finally cast our votes.

Regardless of the results, the country will survive.  Unity is not a fascist idea, it is an ideology that generates compassion and hope in times of civil unrest.  When the final vote is tally and the result is announced the next day, we will have to return to work and work alongside people who differ socially and politically.  Therefore, we must not forget that the country is not at war with itself.  We are not at war with each other, we are a people of strong opinions and we have loud voices but we can stand united as one.

Which political U.S. party you believe will take control of House of Representative and U.S. Senate after the Midterm election?

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