The former foreign secretary – who quit his job back in July over the direction of Brexit negotiations – has been chosen by the Edenbridge Bonfire Society in Kent as its celebrity Guy for this year.

He was the top choice thanks to his “continuing habit” of hitting the headlines with “never-ending gaffes”, and follows in the footsteps of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump as the effigy of choice for the event on Saturday.

The 36ft (11m) version of Mr Johnson – wearing mismatched socks, a cycle helmet and a pair of slippers made to look like those infamous NHS Brexit buses – will be ignited alongside a traditional figure of Guy Fawkes.

He is also holding a cake decorated in the style of the EU flag, from which he has taken a Union flag-coloured slice, and a rosette to mark 90 years since the society was founded.

Artist Andrea Deans, who painted the creation, said Mr Johnson was “the obvious option”, with his hair, love of cycling and association with Brexit meaning the “possibilities were endless” when it came to the design.

But how do you think it holds up compared to prior efforts? Sky News has selected 10 of the best and you can vote for your favourite below.

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