5 Festivals to Go to In New Orleans

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Unfortunately, what we hear about New Orleans is usually news connected to weather disasters. New Orleans has such extreme weather because New Orleans is a low-level area in terms of its sea level. Another reason they have such extreme weather is because they don't have barrier islands or wetlands – which take the brunt of storms. However, severe weather aside, New Orleans is home to some of the best festivals in the United States and those festivals are newsworthy and worthy of attendees.

Continue reading to discover why New Orleans' festivals are unmatched and six of the celebrations that your next vacation should be planned around.

New Orleans is hands down the most cultural city in the country. New Orleans is in Louisiana on the Mississippi Riverside, near the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for jazz, its round-the-clock nightlife, people carrying drinks down the street, and a melting pot of French, African, and American cultures, New Orleans is also known as Crescent City. The great festivals that they have are reflective of the richness of New Orleans. Some of the best festivals are:

  1. 1 Mardi Gras

    The 45 days before Easter is the beginning of Mardi Gras season. Also called Lent, this season is celebrated in New Orleans like no other and is probably the extent of festivals that many have heard about. Also called Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras is the period where believers stop eating fattening food from Fat Tuesday until lent. In New Orleans, some of their traditions are floats, parades, music, gold, green and purple beads, along with celebrations everywhere.

    Mardi Gras festivals have costumes, food, and so much fun that many non-essentials businesses shut down for a few days. The parades go on every day of the 45 days. In addition to the parades and festivals, there are also formal masked balls with gowns, tuxedos, and beautifully decorated masks, before masking became mandatory before Covid.

  2. 2 Essence Festival

    The Essence Festival draws over 600,000 people from worldwide to New Orleans and started more than 28 years ago. It is a star-studded event put on by Essence magazine to showcase African Americans' diversity, inclusion, and accomplishments on television, music, film, business, fashion, culture, politics, art, technology, and almost every demographic and industry imaginable.

  3. 3 French Quarter Festival

    The massive French Quarter festival is highlighted by culture, food, music, and art. So large that it takes over the historic district of New Orleans and goes down to the Riverboats. There are stages set up for constant music and food vendors galore.

  4. 4 Bayou Boogaloo

    The title of this standout festival makes you want to dance immediately. Those attending enjoy music, food, and drink, as well as arts and crafts. Held by the bayou, attendees can enjoy the music from their boats, kayaks, or inflatable watercraft.

    After Hurricane Katrina, the Bayou Boogaloo has grown since its inception and continues going strong, drawing nearly 35,000. This festival takes place in little-known Bayou St. John, and instead of a hotel, this is a great festival where getting the help of New Orleans realtors can be an asset in renting and staying in beautiful housing for the week.

  5. 5 Crescent City Classic

    In a place where food and fun are prominent, the Crescent City Classic adds fitness to the mix. This 40-year tradition is a 10k or six-mile run/walk downtown New Orleans. The race is a chance to sightsee the unique city on foot at your own pace.

  6. 6 New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

    This festival gets billed as one of the richest experiences the city has to offer. The diverse culinary flavors explode as hundreds of restaurants and wineries come together. This festival includes over a thousand wines, tasting events, promenade evenings in the French Quarter, seminars, and other events to hone your wine palate.

    This festival features top chefs from New Orleans and around the world and has raised millions for local non-profit organizations. Attendees taste food reflective of the culture and bring the flavor of New Orleans to the palate.


This is just a snippet of the festivals in New Orleans and, as you can see, their festivals are unmatched. These six celebrations should be part of your planned vacations.


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