No tour for me – DLP candidate


Floyd Reifer’s focus is on the people of St George North and not the West Indies’ tour of New Zealand.

The former West Indies and Barbados cricketer today refuted claims by the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) General Secretary Dr Jerome Walcott, that he was negotiating a contract to accompany the regional team on its tour of New Zealand.

Speaking at a political meeting on Sunday night at Market Hill, St George, Dr Walcott told the crowd that Reifer had not been completely honest with them.

“How could it be possible for Mr Reifer to seek to represent you the good people of St George and not tell you that while he is doing this and seeking to get your vote and how much he cares for you, he is actively trying to secure a contract to travel with Cricket West Indies to tour New Zealand,” Dr Walcott, the Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed.

However, in an interview with members of the media after paying his deposit at the Treasury this morning, Reifer said this was simply not true.

“I don’t know if Dr Jerome Walcott changed his profession to be the president of Cricket West Indies but I know nothing about that,” he responded.

When asked if he would be accompanying the West Indies on that tour to New Zealand Reifer replied, “No”.

With just six days remaining before Nomination Day and two weeks till election day, Reifer said he was feeling confident.

Flanked by DLP president Verla Depeiza, Ronald Jones, Steve Blackett and Colin Spencer, Reifer said his campaigning had been going well.

“I’m feeling great and the campaigning is going well. Walking around the constituency I’ve been getting a lot of good responses. I’ve been talking to a lot of people, listening to the issues within the community and that has been going very well,” he said.

“I’m very confident. Anytime I put my foot in I’m very confident. Like I said I’ve been getting a good response. I have a good team around me and I want to thank all of the people in St George North for the support I have been getting so far.”

In relation to the controversial comments made by Delisle Bradshaw at a political rally last week, Reifer said he was still not satisfied with the response of the BLP.

He said while the BLP had issued a statement on the issue, their candidate for St George North Toni Moore was yet to speak on the matter.

“I’m not satisfied. Up to now Ms Moore still hasn’t said anything about what was said on her stage and it shows me that she is in a place where she is not confident or she doesn’t have the morals to make the right decision in terms of making a statement.

“So she is confused between the loyalty to the people of Barbados and St George North and her family and Mr Bradshaw,” Reifer noted. (RB)

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