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Popular dancehall personality and dancer, ‘Bone Crusher’, has died

Dancehall personality and street dancer,  Aldean Kelly more popularly known as ‘Bone Crusher’, reportedly died on Sunday October 14, after an extended bout of illness. He passed away at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).
“People said that he had cancer that took over his blood… He was rushed hospital Saturday Night, then died on Sunday,” dancehall artiste Starface said
“He was a jovial youth and a great dancer. He had not been going out as often recently, but he was still doing his thing. Everybody rate him, he was always hanging out at my father, Happy’s Liquor Store on Nelson Road, that’s where I know him from, and he used to be in the streets a lot… always jovial, a real clean spirit,” she added.
Bone Crusher made a name for himself during the heydays of the Passa Passa on Spanish Town Road and Dutty Fridaze in Fletcher’s land. He originally hailed from Matthew’s Lane in downtown Kingston.
“He had a house up by Maxfield Park, but when he got sick, he went back to Matthew’s Lane to live. It’s sad that he passed away, real sad, he was a good kind-hearted youth.”
Bone Crusher was also known to keep treats and fundraising events in the Maxfield Park inner-city community to aid residents there.  
Bone Crusha, who was in late -30s, suffered from rickets — a disorder that results from a lack of Vitamin D, calcium or phosphate. People with rickets usually have weak or soft bones, stunted growth, and, in severe cases, skeletal deformities.

He has appeared in music videos such as Chi Ching Ching’sWatch Di Wire, Ovamarz’s Hot Rice, and Elephant Man’s No Linger. He also had a small role in the movie King of The Dancehall, which stars Nick Cannon and rapper Busta Rhymes.

Kelly once said during an interview with the Jamaica Observer, I am the breadwinner in my family, so I have to be in the streets hustling my money. My mother and sister are depending on me and someday I am going to build a mansion for my family. RIP Bone Crusher

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