How to Increase Your Cat’s Happiness and Quality of Life

Read on to discover ways to increase your cat's happiness and quality of life. You may find there is more you can do for your precious pet.

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As a pet owner, you want to do everything you can to ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy. Providing a cozy home with plenty to eat and lots of affection are the basics, but are you doing everything you can to ensure your kitty is living its best life? Read on to discover ways to increase your cat's happiness and quality of life. You may find there is more you can do for your precious pet.

Proper Nutrition

Does your cat like its food? Is it eating too much? Like people, felines can overeat for various reasons, and sometimes they get tired of their food. If your pet doesn't seem to be eating its usual meals, consider switching brands. Look for main ingredients that provide nutrition, rather than just filler. If you find Fluffy is getting fat, perhaps you need to cut back on the amount you're feeding. It may also be possible your kitty friend is feeling bored or out of sorts. Determining the source of the problem can get your cat back on track to an appropriate weight.

Good Healthcare

Just like people, cats need quality medical care to help them stay healthy. Routine checkups at the vet are necessary to prevent and detect any health issues. This is particularly true as your cat ages. Vet bills can become expensive. One way to prepare for and manage such costs is to obtain cat insurance. This type of policy can cover all sorts of medical procedures, depending on your plan. Pet insurance offsets the costs of veterinary bills, allowing you to make sure your cat gets needed treatment in a timely manner. You don't want your pet to suffer in pain or lose years of its life due to prohibitive medical costs.

A Safe Space

Sometimes we all just need to get away from it all and be alone. This is true for cats, too. Even more so, if you have small children or other pets, your kitty should have a place to retreat. Owning pets requires creativity sometimes. While your cat will probably choose its own favorite hiding spot, you may need to help make it less accessible to pesky housemates and outsiders. For instance, if your furry pal chooses to hide under the bed when company arrives, place a blanket in that spot for added comfort.

Thorough Hygiene

A cat is a fairly low-maintenance pet. However, they do have a few basic needs that should never be ignored if you want them to continue to live a long, healthy and happy life. Be sure to clean your pet's litter box regularly so that they don't develop poor bathroom habits. Your cat should be brushed or combed regularly, particularly if yours is a long-haired breed. Matted fur is uncomfortable. Brushing can reduce shedding, helping your cat to avoid hairballs. You may also need to brush its teeth and occasionally trim its claws.

Love and Affection

Finally, your cat will thrive if you provide plenty of love, attention and companionship. Petting and cuddling your kitty when they will allow you to is good for both their mental and physical health. This kind of affection benefits you, as well. Pay attention to how your feline friend prefers to be touched and act accordingly. Cats are typically quite particular with regard to how they like their physical affection.


These are some of the most common cat care tips. Investing time and attention to your kitty's overall wellbeing will provide them with a longer, healthier and more comfortable life. As a pet owner, it's your duty to do all you can to make your loved one happy.

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