6 Tools You’ll Need to Renovate Home’s Exteriors

Here is a list of common exterior renovation tools and what they’re used for.

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The tools you need for exterior renovations will depend on the type of renovation being done. Many different things can happen to your home’s exterior, so it’s essential to be prepared with the right tool most times. Here is a list of common exterior renovation tools and what they’re used for:

Hammers and Mallets

There are a vast variety of these tools available to homeowners. But the most common use is attaching boards or pulling them apart again. Most construction requires this process at some point, and having something strong enough to do it with makes your job much easier. If you plan on working around nails often, then investing in pneumatic nail guns might be worth looking into as well. They make the entire job faster than using old-fashioned hammering techniques would.

Chisels and Planers

These are both similar tool types, but their functions couldn’t be more different from each other. A chisel is a flat piece of steel that’s sharpened into a V shape at one end and has nothing else attached to it besides that pointy tip. Its primary purpose is prying out nails or breaking apart boards with no problems afterward because of its design. Planers have many blades sticking off them. Thus, they’re much better suited for shaving down pieces of wood rather than removing nails or sawing off boards. They also have the bonus of smooth out rough edges that come about when downgrading larger pieces of wood into smaller ones.

Spreaders and Rollers

There are several varieties of these tools. But they all have the same primary function: to coat surfaces with either paint or some other liquid. The most common types available for purchase by homeowners come in two different forms. These are aerosol cans and large plastic reservoirs that attach to a handle. However, larger versions are also meant for commercial use but aren’t as easy to store away when not used. Their size isn’t very convenient unless you’re running an actual business out of your house doing this type of work on the side. If you plan on painting many rooms, then investing in one of the larger, more professional versions might be a good idea. They have much better coverage rates than smaller, less expensive models. Also, they’ll save you time in getting your job done before it’s too late to make use of good weather outside.

Hoses and Pans

Suppose you’re planning on using either aerosol cans or large plastic reservoirs. Then these are essential for protecting yourself from accidentally spraying paint into your eyes or burning yourself with whatever other liquid is being used. Why? Because there won’t be any residue left behind afterward that could contaminate water sources nearby. This can lead to some pretty dire consequences depending on what type of material was painted over previously. It also helps keep excess paint from getting onto the floors, walls, or other surfaces in your house. Instead, it lets it fall into a pan below and then transferring that liquid to another reservoir for later use.

Scaffold Planks and Tower

Exterior renovations can be a pain. Whether it is painting the exterior of your home or working on the roof, you’ll need an efficient and safe way to get things done. Scaffold planks and towers are an efficient way to get from place to place with ease. No more climbing up ladders or tying boards together. Slide your plank over the tower, and you’ll be able to have easy access around your home. Scaffold towers are another safe way to get up high places. You don’t have to put your life at risk climbing ladders or roofs that could be slippery outside in wet weather. Instead, secure yourself onto the tower and work from there. 

Drills and Screwdrivers

These are used for either drilling holes through surfaces or inserting screws into pre-drilled pieces of wood. Thus, they’re more secure than before since you don’t want any pieces falling off after everything has been put together, all nice and tidy. There are also cordless versions that can be powered with a battery instead of being plugged directly into an outlet. This is much better suited for outdoor use, where there might not be enough room available nearby to place an extension cord.

Tools are essential when you want to renovate a home’s exterior. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they only need a few tools, but this is not true at all. There are many types of renovation projects which need multiple tools and special equipment. Thus, these six essential home renovation tools will come in handy when starting any project at your house, whether big or small!


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