It is often standard practice for the political party that lost power to challenge every policy and efforts of the current administration in order to maintain some form of political relevance.  Unfortunately, this rhetoric is the recipe for never-ending division and a lack of true cooperation for the good of the country.   Politicians play the blame game to discredit their opponents and cause voters to question their credibility in order to gain support for agenda they either have no solution for, nor do not intend to solve.  Their ultimate goal is to regain power, but it often shows when politics does not work. As we watch the Chairman of the PNP blames the current administration for the lack of proper management of key projects funded by the Chinese, it became apparent that they do not intend to offer solutions or any level of cooperation that could lead to the improvements they believe the system is in dire need of. There may be several misinformation that is currently spreading across the party lines in Jamaica and majority of them are coming from the opposition party. In my business, casting blame without solution is often a sign of weak leadership and those individuals are removed because they will continue to contaminate the system and cause it to fail.  The government is an integrated system that relies on both political parties and career civil service employees to ensure it’s success.  Voters who are not easily swayed by fiery speeches of displeasure towards the current administration look towards leaders who offers a vision for the country that involves bipartisanship on important issues that are facing the nation. Right now Jamaica is experience an increase in vicious crimes, and the efforts by the ruling party is in someways helping the deterrence, however, lack of trust in law enforcement by the people is causing crimes to go unreported.  In a recent speech by opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips he has a vision, however I am skeptic about these promises because they are the same ones that were promised during the more 15 years of PNP rule which lead to the current social and economic condition in Jamaica.  I may be a bit bias to the fact that most Jamaicans living abroad often blames the PNP for the current economic state and look to the efforts of the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) as steps towards economic upturn. The fact is, Jamaica needs a new generation of leaders that are not stuck in the past and who still believe that demonizing the opposition is the best way to gain support.   Jamaica needs professional politicians who dress the part, speak the part and care enough to address the nation as a whole instead of by one party.  I think by now, they would understand that we know that a party in power cannot only rule the group that support them, they have to govern the entire nation.  I for one is sick of the blame game, and would rather see cooperative actions, not a bag of words of discouragement.

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