Tech Tips That Your Small Business Should Know

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Every small business needs a bevy of technology to help act out their company’s mission. Sometimes, a smaller business needs more help than knowing how to get with technology because they do not have an IT department. Here are some slick tech tips that your small business needs to know. Every small business needs to know how to fix internet access issues and should investigate network security. Every employee there also needs to know to close unused programs and update their software and computer.

  1. 1 How to Fix Internet Access Issues

    Every small business needs to know how to troubleshoot internet access that is not working. The first step to fixing broken internet access is to check if the problem is happening on other machines. If it is not, you need to reconnect to the internet on your hardware. If the problem is across your business, you need to reset the internet router by unplugging it and plugging it back in after ten seconds. Resetting the internet router is the first step that tech support will have you do, and you can save time and energy by learning it yourself.

    Suppose you cannot solve the problem with your internet access by resetting the router. In that case, you need to call technical support. Technical support will first do the same thing on their end and reset some of their equipment. If that does not work, they will help you name and solve the problem through various steps, such as checking the cabling. Internet access is necessary for a small business. So, it makes sense to learn how to diagnose and repair problems with your internet service rapidly.

  2. 2 Looking Into Tech Security

    When you have a business, it makes sense to ensure that your computers are secure. The NIST CSF is a critical framework that each small business should be compliant with regarding their cybersecurity. The basics of cybersecurity are to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Instead of dealing with the arduous details of cybersecurity, small businesses need to consider looking at Foresite’s cyber security services to protect their transit data. There are twenty-three categories for these five functions of cybersecurity, with 108 subsections. You need a professional to ensure proper network and cybersecurity, and small businesses may not have that ability. So, it makes sense to consider looking into using the services of another firm to ensure your company is secure.

  3. 3 Tips For Individual Employees and Their Computer Use

    Your employees should close programs that you are not using. They need to do so because unused programs are all still taking up part of the computer’s processing power while idle in the background. These extra programs are slowing down your computer when you are trying to work. If you need more speed from your computers at work, first look to see if you are wasting resources before upgrading. Each employee knowing to do this is bound to save money on computing costs.

    It is critical to ensure that you update your computer and software when it comes time. Your employees need to know that this is because updates add free features to your software. They also fix any security problems that may happen with your computer or software. Your computer will slow down and cease working for various reasons, but one of them is that you forgot to update it. Suppose each employee at a small business knows to update their computer when they need to. In that case, you can ensure you have all the features your software promises you and avoid costly problems like malware easier.


Your small business needs some technical tips and tricks to survive and prosper. Instead of bothering the tech-savvy employee all the time, you could help by learning how to fix some common technical problems small businesses face often. You need to know how to fix internet access issues and should investigate network security. You also should teach every employee to close unused programs to speed up their computers, and you should ensure that they update their software and computers. As your small business grows, you may find the need for an IT department. In the meantime, you should investigate some technology tips for success.


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