Best Hikes for the Outdoor Enthusiast

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Hiking enthusiasts love enjoying some of the unique flora and fauna that hiking trails offer. The mesmerizing geological features such as waterfalls and ice fields are some things they certainly can’t miss during the hikes. Others love the isolation in the forests. But whether it is the great mountain peaks, ancient temples, epic landscapes, or the strong sense of history, every hiking trip has something new to offer. Read on to find the best hikes for you and your travel buddies.

  1. 1 Yosemite 

    Yosemite is one of the best hikes for outdoor enthusiasts. Many travelers visit the Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park to trek some of this national park’s beautiful trails. Although you may find yourself among other hikers as you trek these world-renowned paths, such as the challenging Half Dome trail, you will truly be rewarded with striking vistas. Remember to check the internet for an #adventurehacks for getting a half dome permit so that the process can be easy for you as you will need the permits during your trek.

    If you love a less crowded atmosphere and the beautiful views of kaleidoscopic flowers, you can hike in the quiet routes such as the Four Mile Trail or the Swinging Bridge Trail. Be ready to choose any exciting routes in the vast 800 miles area or the 750,000 acres of parks in central California.

  2. 2 Summit Lake Trail

    Hiking enthusiasts can also enjoy a hiking adventure at Summit Lake, near Seattle. This travel destination will make for a great half-day or an overnight backpack trip.

    You will find stunning views of Mount Rainier and the Carbon River from the ridges top above the lake. The hiking trail is located outside the national park. Still, it is one of the best places to enjoy Mount Rainier as you will not have to deal with the park fees, reservations, and permits that most hikers are expected to get before they are allowed to use the hiking and camping amenities in the park.

    The Washington Trails Website is a great place to check before you head out on the Washington State trails if you need any trail reports. With the reports, you will find recent photos of the areas and all current trail and road conditions that help you make better hiking decisions.

  3. 3 Norwegian Fjords

    A hike is one of the best immersive ways to sightsee the natural landscapes in any area. Norway is famous for some of the best hiking trails in the world. Here, you will find 44 natural parks and hike trails varying from easy trails you can guide yourself to very steep trails that require guidance. Any trekker will find something for themselves in Norway.

    If you are a beginner trekker, you will want to stick to the easy treks like Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)  that will only take around four hours. For adventure-seekers, the glacier hikes or the Trolltunga (“Troll’s Tongue”) might be the best trailing hike for that thrilling adventure. They are not only challenging but can only be accessed during the brief summer season in Norway.

  4. 4 Bright Angel Trail

    As you walk through the Grand Canyon, you will notice a hiking trail along the cliffside across the vast plain that drops off to the Colorado River. This is the famous Bright Angel Trail. The Bright Angel Trail is 25 kilometers long, dropping 1,340 meters from the south canyon rim up to the water’s edge at Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground. You will enjoy the spectacular views along this trail and down the canyon, especially if you are a day trailer. However, you cannot go further than the Indian Springs, according to the park service.

    Hikers love how well maintained and easy to follow Bright Angel is, but you must be careful of the frequent mule trains that share this route. If you plan to stay at the campground or the Phantom Ranch Lodge, make reservations in advance and ensure that you have confirmed two days before you arrive at the venue.


In conclusion, if you plan to go on a hike, you must plan first to avoid any inconvenience during the trip. Check the weather and dress comfortably to make your hike enjoyable and less frustrating. Also, ensure that you check with the local government for any restrictions or rules. This way, your trek will be a success.


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