Celicea Ellis Give Life to Jamaica’s Digicel Rising Star Singing Competition

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For the last five years I used the Digicel Rising Star competition as a source of comedic guilty pleasure.  Being a music analyst for many years I felt like the judges were picking performers like Short Boss as their favorites and it was completely baffling.

In many iterations of American Idol they have segments and sometimes episodes dedicated to the worse auditions, and somehow from the audition stage to the finals of Rising Star felt like a very long “Worse of” episode.   For years the performers and judges appear to be genuinely serious about their performance and judgement.  That made it even more enjoyable when I watched it as a sing competition spoof.  It seemed like the judges were looking for gimmicks and because of that the show lacked credibility.  Each season the judges opt to select less talented singers.   

In addition, the individuals judging the talent has no business offering their opinions because it does not help the artistes prepare and improve themselves for later performances.   Something must have happened to the judges earing or their earpieces must have been filtering out the bad singing.   It was hard to understand why they often gave good feedback to bad singers. They continued to encourage ultra tone deaf individuals who lack voice talent.  Somehow, the large library of talented auditions that exists on YouTube was never used as a lesson for the signers nor for the judges.  Obviously, Simon Cowell was not an example of good judge of talent, because if they emulated his approach they completely missed the mark. 

As the new season started, I was preparing to approach the show with the same comedic expectation.  But then walked Celicea Ellis and Jameil Gordon aka Brian.  Celicia has a voice that outperformed her competition without a doubt.  Her range is impressive.  Her stage presence was on point and she did not seem to be singing karaoke like most of the other singers.  She exert confidence which played well in her perforamces.  She is definitely a talented singer, who could performance any genre of music flawlessly.

Unfortunately Brian did not make it to the finals and a less competent male singer did.  As a saving grace Celicia dominated the competition with her song choices which were easy for her and as a result she breeze pass her competition.  Without a doubt she will be victorious and is well deserving of the title of Rising Star.

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