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Junior Golfers say thanks to Jamaica – Sport – JamaicaObserver.com – Jamaica Observer


The national junior team carried the Jamaican flag high in the recently concluded Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships in Barbados.

The team fought hard and finished second, the

best placing in recent years.

The Jamaica Golf Association (JGA) understands the challenges faced in sending teams abroad. This year, the JGA witnessed Government agencies and private sector bodies working together tirelessly to achieve what has become a twice-yearly feat in the summer, which is when regional golf championships take place.

Recently, the JGA appealed to the Commissioner of Customs, Major Richard Reese to help with clearing team gear for the national junior golf team. The lead time was non-existent, but the effort involved warmed the hearts of the members of the junior golf community.

Major Reese, with the help of Senior Director/Collector Selina Clarke-Graham; Customs managers Hamilton and Hart; Customs officers Racquel Campbell, Stacey Graham, Errol Smith; chairman Adolph Levy, Grantley Stephenson, Valerie Campbell and Robert Lindsay of Kingston Wharves Limited, Norman Ffolkes and Jesse James (Customs brokers) and the security supervisor on duty at the time, organised an incredible operation to locate and clear the team uniforms so the national representatives could be appropriately attired and equipped for the three-day championships.

The national junior team, as well as the wider golfing community, again extended thanks to Jamaica Customs, Kingston Wharves Limited, and all the people involved, for going above and beyond the call of duty, which ensured that Jamaica was well represented at this year’s Caribbean Championships.

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