Top 10 anime women with biggest, most impactful breasts, voted by thousands of Japanese netizens


The top 10 female characters that changed men’s lives forever.

Breasts are kind of a big deal in the anime world, especially when it comes to how big they are. Recording anime characters’ breast weights has become a thing, as well as anime girls with busts so big they literally cannot even stand up.

And now, thanks to the Japanese survey website goo and the 3,549 netizens who cast their votes, we now have an answer to one of the biggest anime-breast questions: “Which character made you think, ‘Whoa! Those are huge!’ the most when you saw them?”

So while some characters with bigger breasts may be lower on the list, the ones that had the most impact on the viewer will be higher up. Here’s the top ten:

#10. Narusawa Ryoka (Occultic;Nine)

Occultic;Nine りょーたす

方天戟(げっきー) (@houtengeki) October 10, 2016

First up is Narusawa Ryoka from the anime Occultic;Nine, made by the same creator as Steins;Gate (who apparently has a thing for semicolons in titles).

While we don’t know her exact size, her weight is only 45 kilograms (99 pounds), and based on her height being 153 centimeters (5 feet), we’re guessing most of that weight is located in her chest. This list has already gotten off to a huge start.

#9. Quetzalcoatl (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

#なりきりさんがRTしてくれてそれを見たなりきりさんがきっとフォローしてくれる 流そうかな〜♪ルコアだよ♪たくさん来てね〜♪

ケツァルコアトル【ルコア】 (@Quetzalcoatl_DR) August 29, 2017

Quetzalcoatl (who also goes by Lucoa in the series) is one of the most recent characters on the list, but she’s apparently made a big impact on fans. Even though she’s technically a dragon, she still apparently has enough mammal in her to sport quite the memorable mammaries.

#8. Tsunade (Naruto)

No such thing as too big Tsunade-Sama

Bolanos (@Bolanabos) June 10, 2016

In a ninja world where most of the female characters are, to author Masashi Kishimoto’s credit, drawn in somewhat realistic ways, Tsunade definitely sticks out from the crowd.

Similar to #10 on the list Narusawa Ryoko, Tsunade seems to be carrying most of her 48.9 kilogram (108 pound) body weight on her upper half, especially consdering she’s only four inches taller at 163.1 centimeters (5 feet 4 inches).

#7. Nico Robin (One Piece)

映像電伝虫を発見!! 【オハラの悪魔】ニコ・ロビンの激写に成功しました!CP9に捕えられ、投獄間近のようです…! #トレクル

涼介 (@Pride0205) September 15, 2017

Ah yes, One Piece, one of my favorite anime of all time that unfortunately does have the awkward element of many of its female characters being unbelievably (and unrealistically) well endowed. While some have claimed this is part of what makes One Piece sexist, whenever author Eiichiro Oda is asked about why he draws women this way, he usually just replies with something along the lines of: “Because I like to.”

And thanks to Oda’s love for his characters, we have a ton of information on Robin. She’s the tallest yet at 188 centimeters (6 feet 2 inches), and her bust size is 99 centimeters (3 feet 3 inches) compared to her tiny waist of 59 centimeters (1 foot 11 inches).

We have a feeling that if Robin were real, she would most likely collapse in on herself, creating a small black hole in the immediate area.

#6. Meiko (Prison School)

⚠️ Des persos de manga dont le prénom ou nom commence par ME (genre Meiko de Prison School), ça vous inspire quoi ?……

Julien Fontanier (@JulienFontanier) August 18, 2017

Underground School Council Vice President Meiko was teased for her large breasts in middle school, and while that’s unfortunate, it certainly didn’t stop them from growing. She uses her girth to punish the only four boys at Hachimitsu Academy, some of whom enjoy it more than others.

#5. Reiko Katherine Akimoto (Kochi Kame – Tokyo Beat Cops)

秋本・カトリーヌ・麗子身長170cm 体重??     B95.3 W59 H90

オレント (@gyagya1234567) August 15, 2017

Reiko is a half-French half-Japanese police officer who is given ample amounts of fan service time throughout Japan’s longest-running manga.

Her exact numbers have fluctuated over time, but something around a height of 170 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches) and a bust of 95.3 centimeters (3 feet 1.5 inches) along with a waist of 59 centimeters (1 foot 11 inches) puts her right behind Nico Robin.

But unlike the world of One Piece, where Nico Robin-sized women are everywhere, Reiko sticks out more, making her much more impactful for viewers.

#4. Rangiku Matsumoto (BLEACH)

@otakustrength#waifuoftheday is Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach Don’t think I need to say more…

(@SilentStep79) July 29, 2017

Rangiku is a Soul Reaper who knows she has power over men, and she happily uses it to manipulate them to get what she wants.

At 172 centimeters (5 feet 7.5 inches) tall and 57 kilograms (126 pounds), she’s slightly more realistic than others on the list so far, but that’s not saying much.

#3. Boa Hancock (One Piece)

9/2 #HappyBirthday #ボア・ハンコック

静晴 (@deep00qeeb) September 02, 2017

Well that’s two points for One Piece! …or is it four? I’m not sure.

There was never any question that Boa Hancock would appear on this list. Even in the world of One Piece, the powerful Shichibukai is lusted after by pretty much every man… except for Luffy, who she hilariously falls in love with partly because of that.

According to author Oda’s information, Boa is 191 centimeters (6 feet 3 inches) tall, has a bust of 111 centimeters (3 feet 7.7 inches), and a waist of 61 centimeters (2 feet). That makes her one inch taller than Robin, but gives her an extra 4.7 inches of bust despite only an extra one inch of waist to hold it.

Yet another black hole just waiting to collapse in on itself.

#2. Fujiko Mine (Lupin the Third)

Lupin III & Fujiko Mine // artwork by Reinaldo Quintero…

ComicBooksArtWork (@ComicBooksArt) May 24, 2017

Fujiko isn’t just near the top of this list, she’s near the top of pretty much every female-anime-character list there is. Whenever it comes to surveys about characters who should get their own series, to the most beautiful female characters, to even female characters that Japanese women want to date, she either takes the crown or is close enough to steal it.

With a height of 167 centimeters (5 feet 5.7 inches) and a height of 50 kilograms (110 pounds), she almost makes sense until you take in the 99.9 centimeter (3 feet 3.3 inches) and 55.5 centimeter (1 foot 9.9 inch) waist. That means she’s shorter than Nico Robin, but her bust is bigger, and her waist is smaller. Well, that’s certainly one way to make a lasting impact on viewers.

And the #1 spot goes to…

#1. Nami (One Piece)

Mis 25 Waifus v2 ^^17- Nami (One Piece)


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