7 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Make your friend or family member's next birthday perfect with the a creative gift idea. Here are 7 gifts for the person who has everything.

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Getting a gift for someone who has everything is a daunting task. Sure, you can get them a gift card, but those frankly arent that ingenious. Subscription and delivery services for beauty, mindfulness, fitness, and diet are a popular way today to get a bit creative with gift-giving for any occasion.

Why Give A Gift Of A Subscription Box Or Delivery Service?

Gifting a subscription box, or delivery service is not only about the product but about an experience too. From perfume subscriptions to meal delivery, there is a massive spectrum of gift ideas. Since in-store shopping fell out of the norm in the past year, subscription and delivery services skyrocketed in popularity. In 2015, the subscription box market generated $2.6 billion. Today, the market is worth around $15 billion. Here are seven gift ideas for subscription and delivery services that wow:

  1. 1 The Gift Of Scent

    Let them unwrap the gift of smelling phenomenal with a fragrance subscription. The subscription receiver can get the same choice every month or discover a new signature smell with every delivery. Each month the receiver gets a 30-day supply of the chosen brand fragrance. Popular fragrance subscription companies are Luxe Box, Ipsy, Scentbird Top Box, and Skylar.

  2. 2 The Gift Of Foliage

    Help a gift receiver turn their home into a personal plant nursery with a monthly gardening package. Each month, the receiver gets everything they need to become a gardening wiz from a planter, soil, living plants, and gardening tips. My Garden Box, The Plant Club, and Urban Organic Gardener seem to be the current faves among the gardening set.

  3. 3 The Gift Of Fandom

    This subscription gift idea is popular among comic and science fiction collectors. People in love with iconic pop culture favorites like Star Trek, Star Wars, Dead Pool, and Spiderman (to name a few) dig these subscription boxes. Each box comes filled with multiple fan collectibles and apparel. This Trekkie found Loot Crate to be the ultimate in curated sci-fi fan collectibles; however, CrateJoy and The Amazing Mystery box offer fandom finds.

  4. 4 The Gift Of Page-Turners

    Give the gift of a fresh page-turner each month. From fiction to history and more, every avid reader wouldn't mind this subscription. You set subscriptions by genre, interest, or pick a different one every time, and the deals off cover prices are fantastic. Whether the receiver is a digital reader or loves to feel a book in their hands, there's an option. Popular book subscription companies are Bookroo, Boxwalla, and Kindle Unlimited.

  5. 5 The Gift Of Mindfulness

    Self-help is becoming more prominent than ever. Mindfulness is a personal journey towards inner peace practiced in many forms, from meditation to teas, crystals, and oils. Remind a loved one of how special they are and help them create a magical glow from within with a mindfulness subscription through companies like Mindful Souls, Calm Box, or Therabox.

  6. 6 The Gift Of A Buzz

    Be it a novice or a sommelier in training, there's now a wine club or subscription service for every level of wine interest. In addition, most of these clubs offer low-carb wines to go with Keto-friendly meals in the following gift suggestion. The receiver gets full bottles of wine based on a palate profile with subscription services like Winc, First Leaf, and The Martha Stewart Wine Club.

  7. 7 The Gift Of Keto Nutrition

    Ketogenic is a term for a low-carb diet to break down protein and fat for energy and lose weight. Give a loved one the gift of fit nutrition with Organic Keto Meal Plan Delivery. The gift receiver gets precisely portioned out Keto-friendly meals to ensure the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats for ultimate weight loss and maintenance. A Toronto keto meal delivery delivers meals created by elite-level five-star, fine dining chefs with over 25 years of experience within the hospitality industry straight to your door.


If you have a friend or family member that’s impossible to shop for because they have everything, subscription and delivery services are the best choices. A subscription box or delivery service offers a tremendous amount of value for the cost paid for you and the receiver. The process is convenient and super-easy for you, and in minutes, you have a unique gift they'll appreciate that keeps giving month after month.


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