Review: Game of the Thrones Season Finale


As a Fan of Game of Thrones, I was disappointed after watching the season finale.  I was satisfied with the direction of the plots and revelations but disappointed that I will have to wait a year to watch another episode.  If you are unaware, this season consists of only seven episodes unlike previous seasons with ten.  I don’t know anyone who was okay with that knowledge but we had to accept it, especially when the hour and twenty minutes season finale began.  I am going to focus on the revelations from minor to major.


In the previous episode we saw Sansa and Arya at odds with each other.  Naturally, we assume Sansa is back to being a pathetic puppet for Lord Baelish aka Little Finger.  I was looking forward to the showdown between the sisters, and was confident Arya would come out on top.  Little finger did his puppet master thing and seem to convince Sansa that Arya came back to Winterfell to murder her.  That along was a great start to a surprising ending.  What happen in the halls of Winterfell was as most shocking as it was and satisfying.  I don’t think anyone expected to see the tables turning against one of the most hated character since King Joffrey.  Justice was finally served.

Kings Landing

Denial is not a river in Africa, but it is the deliberate refusal to accept facts when surmounting evidence exists to support a claim.  Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen escaped the Night King’s army in the previous episode, while succeeding with the plan to capture one of “The Walking Dead”.  HBO and AMC should do a crossover.  Their sacrifice was to convince Cersei about the existence of the Night King and the army of the dead.

Although Cersei was terrified at the sight of the walker, she seemed reluctant to accept the truce.  After an hostile moment with Tyrion, she returned revealing she will commit the Lannister’s armies to joining the fight in the Great War.  It was later revealed she had no intentions of honoring the agreement.  Her intent is to allow the north to fall while she and her mercenary army take back territories captured by Daenerys’ armies.  Jamie decision to honor his commitment to Daenaerys and Jon Snow, almost led to him losing his life by the hands Ser Gregor if Cersei gave the order, which she did not.  As he rode off to the north, snow began to fall at Kings Landing, signaling the arrival of Winter in the south.

The Nights Watch and the Dragon

As I mentioned before, the previous episode saw Jon and his band of fighters escaping the Night King who killed one of Daenerys dragon with a spear.  We also saw the Night King touching the dragon and its eyes opened revealing the blueish color of the dead.  The final scene was the most shocking, because it finally revealed the reason the Night King killed the dragon.

As in previous seasons, we will have to wait another year to see the conclusion to several plots that were left open throughout the season.  But the most anticipated will be the battle between the army of the dead and the joint forces of the seven houses of  Westeros.   One thing I was asking myself as I watched the finale, how did we go from political and family conflicts to the preparation of a Great War against zombies?  Was this a show always about zombies?

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