5 Tips to Create a Strong Password for Important Data

Everyone is familiar with the idea of passwords for protecting access to certain kinds of data.

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Everyone is familiar with the idea of passwords for protecting access to certain kinds of data. Every time you log into your Medicaid account, you need to enter a password. The situation is the same for business owners, although there is far more at stake. Here are the 5 tips on how to create the strongest passwords.

1. Use as Many Characters as You Can

Your level of industrial control systems cyber security is a matter of the very highest importance. This is not an area where you can afford to cut corners or skimp on the protocol. The passwords that you set for your most important data need to be as strong as possible if they are to be fully secured.

One of the best ways that you can make sure of this is to use as many characters as your system will allow. If it allows 9, use all 9. The longer and more complex the password is, the more secure it will be. You should make it long with zero repetitions of characters to avoid pattern detection.

2. Don't Try to Make Any Literal Sense

The worst thing that you can do when making a password for your various data caches is to try to create one with a phrase you can recall. It may seem like this is a natural thing to do. However, this is an impulse that hackers and industrial spies are counting on you to follow to make their job easier.

Your best bet is to type a huge jumble of letters, numbers, or symbols with no rhyme or reason. Don't follow a typical "Qwerty" type of rhythm. Range all over the keyboard in a blind flash and let your fingers randomly choose the combo. The result will be one that no pattern detector will be able to easily decipher.

3. Include All Different Types of Keyboard Characters

As noted above, be sure to include all of the various types of keyboard characters in your password. This will be the very best way for you to choose a strong password that is as resistant as possible to hacking attempts. The more random and less instantly memorable, the better.

Don't always include only upper or lower case letters. Vary them and mix them up in a random jumble. Include a few stray exclamation points, slashes, and commas here and there. Don't include consecutive numbers in any kind of pattern. Mix them up with the upper and lower case letters to create a symbol salad.

4. Never Use Any of Your Personal Info

Under no circumstances should you ever include any of your personal info in your password. This includes your middle name, the name of your wife or any other family member, or your birth date. Keep away from using any kind of info that can be traced back to you or someone with a very close connection to you.

It's not even a good idea to use any kind of recognizable word, even one that you have no personal connection with. If someone gets a feel for your sense of humor, they can begin to guess what kind of phrases you may use as your passwords. This is why you need to keep them as random as you can.

5. Never Use the Same Password Multiple Times

One of the very worst things that you should never do is use the same password twice. This is a huge error that can soon prove to be very costly. A hacker will always venture to guess that you may have done this. If they check to see if this is the case and are proved right, you will now have a major security breach on your hands.

A Strong Password is the Key to Security

It will be up to you as the owner of your business to do all in your power to keep your data secured. The best way to make a start in this direction is to make use of the strongest possible passwords. Doing so will give you a viable defense against hackers, phishers, and other types of cybercriminal attacks.


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