Top 10 Best Jamaican Plays Made In England

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Most Jamaicans love to watch plays whether at the theatre live or via DVD.  Theatre has always been a part of our culture because the plays tackle several major topics, relationships, suicide and crime.  Although plays that originated in Jamaican have huge followings, the introduction of the plays in England introduced fans to a whole new world of storytelling.  

Blue Mountain Theatre expanded to larger more complex approach to their productions and stood out as the best.  In a tribute to the team that brought us some of the best plays throughout the years, this list will cover the 10 best of their early plays.  

To purchase the plays visit the Blue Mountain Theatre Store.

  1. Delroy James


    This hilarious show tells the riotous tale of Jamaica's feisty street vendors, HIGGLERS the number one force behind the islands economy. A brilliant and hugely successful Ginger Knight script, HIGGLERS gives the low down on the true force that runs Jamaica - this is retail therapy at its most dangerous!

  2. 2 Blazee

    Delroy James


    When little orphaned Oliver Twist finds himself faced with the prospect of life on the streets in the clutches of miserly matriarch Fanny Fagin and her side kick, The Rude Boy Artful Dodger OR a Kingston poor house, It's a case of the lesser of two evils! Oliver reluctantly joins up with The Artful Dodger and his rebellious gang of pickpocketing pickney whose sole aim is to relieve the wealthy of their riches! Who will see that Oliver Twist is not swallowed up by a life of grime and ensure he secures his rightful inheritance?

  3. Delroy James

    I've Got Your Man!

    Bumper Adams is the Shrew that no man can tame! She can spot the M.B.A. (Married But Available) signs on a man at ten paces. Her advice to all sketel who envy her powers? "If your fowl coup did clean the Cock wouldn't stray!" Rastaman crumble at her feet. Woman just want her dead but Bumper 'too rich fe argue with bitch' and she far 'too nice fe inna Cock fight'!! The sensational all star Jamaican cast of "I've got your man!" tell the remarkable tale of the lives decimated by women like Bumper Adams in a stunning litany of inhuman dilemmas that only Blue Mountain will tackle.

  4. Delroy James

    Wicked Bitches

    Wicked Bitches fever gripped the UK when this play hit the streets as Shakespeare battled it out with ghetto madness! Drenched in controversy and speculation Wicked Bitches promised to be a masterpiece of high critical acclaim, a genuine coup de theatre and it succeeded beyond all imagination. A breathtaking piece of theatre not to be missed!

  5. Delroy James

    It's a Dance Hall Ting!

    IT'S A DANCE HALL TING! Explodes on stage in a dazzling masquerade of the latest music and dance moves including SIGNAL DE PLANE! ROW YU BOAT! PON DE RIVER! It's a showdown between the generations as OLIVER SAMUELS takes on Dance Hall Diva AUDREY REID & DJ singing sensation CHRISTOPHER 'Johnie' DALEY to prove that education is the only real key to unlock their dreams.

  6. Delroy James


    These may look like decent, law abiding citizens but do not be fooled for each one habours a deep, dark secret. These are the faces of the UK"s most wanted DEPORTEES! Witness if you dare the shockingly true events in the life of 'Spider' - one resourceful, ambitious but none the less illegal Jamaican and his heartless crew, inexorably linked by their crimes against fashion. Do not approach them in person just call 999 to report any sightings. You must see for yourself the dubious heights and the desperate lows to which these people will sink in their fight to stay in England.

  7. Delroy James

    The Perfect Blackman

    When another woman makes a play for your man - how low would you be willing to go to keep him, especially when that man is Othello Le Moor, known to the black community as The Perfect Blackman? With his high profile political career and a devoted new wife he is the envy of all. But factor in an unscrupulous son, a bitter best friend & a malevolent EX wife and the equation becomes very ugly. A ferocious new play to make your blood run cold and your passions boil over The Perfect Black Man is Blue Mountain Theatre without equal.

  8. Delroy James

    Dutty Wine!

    The sensational play transports you to the mean streets of Kingston for a sizzling slice of ghetto life and the battle for the Island's greatest prize of all - the chance to be crowned Jamaica's Dance Hall Queen 2K6 and leave poverty behind! Peppered with the very latest 'Dutty Wine' dance routines - don't miss the hottest ticket in town!

  9. Delroy James

    Love Him Den Bun Him!

    Badman T. Unit is faced with every two-timing male's worst nightmare. He must tell his bride to be his burning secret - he is already married... In fear of his life he will say anything and promises to "handle the situation like a man" and "face up to his responsibilities". True to form of course, he denies everything and takes off! With razor sharp insight into the dynamics of relationships brace yourself for a mesmerising tale of blasphemy, bigamy and betrayal that only Blue Mountain can deliver! In a consummate display of brilliance Blue Mountain Theatre reveals a foolproof solution to the dilemma of the double-crossing male and asks the question - who really benefits most when we demand our 'Pound of Flesh' .

  10. Delroy James

    Passa Passa!

    When a mother tries to prevent her daughter from repeating the same mistakes she herself made as a young woman the fireworks of teenage rebellion ignite. The backdrop to this bitter sweet human drama is Jamaica's all night dance phenomena Passa Passa! A melting pot of curiosity Passa Passa! lures Up Town to mingle with Down Town as revellers sample the magnetic pull of the ghetto vibes. For when badman agree to put aside violence for the night in an unwritten truce - it can only be the power of Passa Passa!


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