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FiWEH Life is looking for stories and recommendations that are interesting to our readers.

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We are currently looking for stories and recommendations, either from why your show is a great watch to the best shows and movies to watch on streaming platforms, or just pitch us a story about anything you are interested in!

Submitting a post is very easy.  Follow these steps and you will definitely be on your way to getting your story published on FiWEH Life.

  1. 1 Join FiWEH

    The first step is to join FiWEH.  There are two ways you can start the process.

    1. Click on "Submit Post" at the top right corner and follow the steps, or 
    2. Go to the Registration page at
  2. 2 Submit A Post by choosing a post format

    Once you are registered, click on "Submit Post" to take you to a window where you can select the type of post you would like to submit. 

  3. 3 Creating a story

    The story format is the most common format to use and it allows you integrate other formats such as audio, video, poll, quiz, image, meme, and more into your story.


    • For this example, we will select the "Story" format.
  4. 4 Adding Main Story Details

    The Story post format can be used for 

    • single story posts (news, reports etc) and/or 
    • multi-formatted story posts.

    For this example, we will submit a multi-formated story post with list items and text add-in for the conclusion.   To start do the following:

    • Fill out the story title, excerpt and description then, 
    • Click on the "Red Plus" sign at the bottom of the description field just like in the image to see a list of other post formats.
  5. 5 Adding List items

    The most common posts on FiWEH Life contains list items.  They can be added as a stand-alone or alongside a story.  In this example we will create a post with list items. so do the following:

    •  Once you click on the "Red Plus" sign at the bottom right corner of the description field.
    • A window will open with a a selection of items that can be embeded into the story.  
    • Click on "Listicle" to start adding your "List Items".
  6. 6 Adding More List Items

    When the list item opens do the following:

    • Add the title
    • Verbiage for the item in the description
    • When completed, click on "Add Item" to add the next item on the list.
  7. 7 Embed Text Add-In as Conclusion

    In conjunction with the list items, you can embed another post format to your story post.  Do the following to select another format into the story:

    • Click on the "Red Plus" sign at the bottom right corner of the last item description field below "Add Item" button.

    Since this is a story post with list items, naturally there will be a conclusion.  This would require a text add-in.  The text add-in is often used for writing conclusions to a topic that was discussed in the post.  Do the following to embed a text add-in with your story post: 

    • Click on the "Red Plus" sign again 
    • Click on "Text"
  8. 8 The Conclusion

    Once the Text Add-in is selected a new item will appear on the screen like in the above image.  Use it to do the following: 

    • Add the word "Conclusion" in the title field.
    • Add your closing arugment that support the topic that was being discussed in the story post. 


By following the above steps, you will successfully create a story post for submission to our editorial team.  Be be aware, story posts are not the only formats you can submit.  The below are a list of other post formats you can submit as single posts or add-ins to other posts..  

  • Polls
  • Quiz
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Music

We want FiWEH Life to be a place where readers can find interesting topics and information to read.  If you have any questions or just want to send us a message, please use our contact form located at or email us at


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