3 Tips to Pursuing a Career In Acting

Doing the work, making first impressions, and putting yourself out there are some sure ways to aid in your pursuit of an acting career.

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Becoming an actor usually comes down to your love for the entertainment industry and your passion for the performing arts. Some enter the profession by chance, while others have a genuine passion for the craft. This is a dream come true for those who have been in awe of actors since they were little.

For those individuals, one of their weekly joys has been losing themselves in the latest feature films or television shows. They even starred in all of their high school shows. Even when they are alone in their bedroom, they put on full performances to enhance build their acting skills.

If that describes you, you have discovered your calling. Today, there are several opportunities to emulate your favorite performers, whether on the live stage, on television, or in films. However, as with other careers, it is up to you to make your dream a reality. While you're honing your acting skills, consider the following three tips for pursuing an acting career.

  1. 1 Get Ready to Do the Work

    While you may hear of actors who were discovered thanks to a video that went viral or being in the right place at the right time, most will need to educate themselves about their art. Taking part in high school, college, and community theater is a good place to start. Using social media to showcase recordings of your performances or rehearsals is also a good way to practice your craft. However, this is only the beginning. You should plan on taking courses in college or acting schools to focus on the performing arts

    You'll learn about oral presentation, common techniques used in acting, the art of improvisation, how to perform in commercials, how to do a cold reading, and ways that you can move your body. Dance and singing courses may be a part of your studies. You'll also learn about contracts, getting representation, and how to promote yourself. You'll continue to have opportunities to perform. You may have the good fortune of being approached by an agent while taking part in your college drama program.

  2. 2 First Impressions Count

    You may only have one shot to catch an agent or director's attention. You need to make a good impression from the start. Begin by creating a polished acting resume. If you aren't sure your resume is top-notch, ask for help. Work with professors to make sure it is in good shape. You can also hire a professional to put your best foot forward. People in hiring positions are going to make vital decisions about you based on how you have presented your skills. You also need a professionally produced headshot. This is not the time to do it yourself. Consider producing video samples of your performances as well. Be willing to invest in your promotional efforts. It may be hard to lay out the money upfront, but it will be worth it when you are called for an audition.

  3. 3 Put Yourself Out There

    The hardest part about becoming an actor is the wait. If you look at the hottest names in Hollywood or on Broadway, you'll see their success stories didn't happen overnight. You need to actively pursue your opportunities. They aren't going to fall into your lap. Consider working with an expert in the field to help you find out what is available. You may need to travel a good distance or consider relocating to have access to more acting jobs. Don't turn down commercial opportunities for your local businesses. Look for film production crews that need extras. It will give you a chance to see what happens behind the scenes. Try out for stage and film productions. If you are involved in theater, be open to being an understudy or taking small parts. Don't consider any part as beneath you. Every role you take is a stepping stone along the way to your career.

    Be prepared for rejection. Don't take it personally. Listen to criticism and use it to improve your acting skills. Remember that opinions will vary. What appeals to one director will be different from another. Someone could be looking for exactly what you have to offer. Have a positive attitude about yourself. Build yourself up as you focus on your strengths. Find a mentor who is willing to work with you throughout your acting journey. Study the best in the business to hone your skills. Continue to learn and grow, taking new acting classes whenever possible. Keep at it. You may need to wait years to make it in the business while you work other jobs. It will be worth the wait when you achieve your goals.


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