The images coming out of Charlottesville, VA over the weekend have been devastating.   The political responses from several politicians Democrats and Republicans condemned what happen, however they their fair criticism of the Presidents stance on White nationalism has proven to be warranted because Donald Trump is not the President of the white nationalists, he is the President of the United States of America, a country of diverse people.

How did the peaceful city ended up in the national spotlight?  The fact is, since April 2017, White nationalists and members of the KKK have been actively protesting in the city over plans to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee a confederate general who fought against the union during the civil war to preserve slavery which was a significant source of the southern economy.

The rally over the weekend was intended to unite the so called alt-right which consist of white nationalists, members of the KKK and neo nazi groups.  Due to the nature of the rally violence broke out between the alt-right groups and counter-protesters.  For two days, the peaceful city was a chaotic scene of violent attacks caused by the alt-right groups who came armed and dressed in armored gear while shouting Neo-nazi chants and hateful language that antagonized counter-protestors.

Not only were there violent clashes, counter-protesters were attacked by a motorist who caused the injury of several people and the death of one woman.   Due to the continued violent clashes the main rally was canceled.  A state of emergency was declared and police rush to the scene to end the protest.

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It is disheartening to see people living in our society who is contained with absolute hatred, but still rely on those same people they hate to save their lives as doctors, nurses, military personnel, police officers, paramedics, and pharmacists.  What’s even more alarming is the reason for their hateful rhetoric.

It is a common fear among the alt-right that immigrant and minority groups are attempting to replace them and take away their rights. The problem with that ideology is that it is based not on facts but false claims spurted by the President during the 2016 election campaign.  As result, it embolden hate groups to expose hard working people to their negative attacks online and in person.  The slogan Make America Great Again, derives from a concept of hate which ended up meaning make America hate again.

If this sentiment should become popular across the nation, then we will return to a period where hate groups could openly call Black people Niggers and coons, freely lynch minorities, burn crosses on their lawns, chase them out of cities and towns, re-segregate every aspect of the society, from public areas, schools, and churches.  They could openly assault and terrorize minority groups, without fear of repercussion.

Is this really where they want the society to go?  Do they really have a reason to return to those evil period?  Did they really lose anything, except for the ability to openly discriminate and murder minorities?   A counter argument to this group should be, are they really the ones who loss their rights due to discriminatory laws?  Were they lynched, forced to work as slaves, face verbal and physical assault for being a minority, or even denied their right to vote, where to live, go to school and who to love?  They have never faced any form of discrimination in their entire life, yet they believe they are owed the right to become abusers and murderers.  If anything, they are marching for the freedom to verbally and physically abuse minority groups.

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I may be wrong, so tell me what is the real reason for their hate?

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