Basic Home Security for New Homeowners

If you're a new homeowner, security should be a top priority. Securing your belongings and your family will go a long way to making your house a home.

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After buying your first home, the rush of being a homeowner sets. After you move in, redesign, and change a lot of paperwork, you need to consider securing your home. Burglars mainly target new homes because of the lessened security. This article offers some tips and basic measures you should take to secure your new home.

Perform a Security Audit

For starters, you need to assess the state of your home’s security to get an accurate estimation of the measures you need to take. Assess your locks, doorways, garage, windows, and deck if you have one to determine whether they need any reinforcement. For instance, you might consider adding deadbolts or changing them if the house does not have them.

Rekey Your Doors

There is a chance that previous occupants of your house have given spare keys to neighbors for security reasons. By installing new locks and getting a new set of keys, you ensure that these neighbors do not access your home as they please.

Know the Neighborhood

After you move into a new neighborhood, you need to be aware of its general security. Familiarize yourself with the general vicinity of your house, taking note of the usual behavior of the people in the neighborhood. Additionally, contact local law enforcement to get information on the nature of crime prevalent in the area and the times it is likely to happen.

Part of getting familiar with your surroundings is knowing your neighbors. Neighbors are an essential part of security because they are likely to notice suspicious activity and generally look out for each other. If you are away, the neighbors can help bring the semblance of a lived-in home, which discourages burglary. These connections and sharing of information are one of the primary layers of security for a home.

Exterior Lighting

Lights act as a deterrent for potential burglars, making them very crucial for your home security. Therefore, lighting up the landscape surrounding the house not only keeps burglars at bay it also ensures that you do not stumble when moving around at night. In the back yard, the front porch is a priority when installing lights.

Smart lighting is a convenient way of fostering the lived-in image, especially when you are away. For example, you can consider lights that automatically come on when it gets dark. Similarly, motion-sensitive lights can act as a means of scaring away unwanted intruders.

Landscape and Exterior Fence

Landscaping aims to reduce the number of hiding places for potential intruders. For example, if you plant shrubs around your house, ensure that they are short, trim, and far from windows. Thorny foliage is more convenient because a potential intruder might find it challenging to sneak in using them for cover.

A fence is one of the best security measures because it keeps intruding people and animals away. A crash rated fence composed of post and rail or cable is ideal because even vehicles cannot break it. These fences are simple to durable and easy to install.

Install Home Security System

If you or your family are away from the house for a significant part of the day, you need to monitor your house frequently. Alarms, security cameras, smoke or fire sensors, and motion sensors are some of such measures. If these security measures are linked to a security or law enforcement agency, you can be sure that someone responds immediately in the event of an intrusion.

Install A Safe

Sometimes, a burglar can outsmart every single security measure you have. A safe will ensure that essential valuables such as jewelry and passports are not lost in such an event. An ideal safe should be unsusceptible to both fire and water and heavy to ensure burglars can’t carry it away.

These measures are meant to keep your valuables, including firearms if you own any. These measures are not exhaustive, and it’s recommended to seek more tips to keep your new home safe.

Securing your home is not a one-time thing; it evolves and needs regular updates. Therefore, do not feel pressured to implement these measures at once, do what you can when you can, as long as you stay aware of the potential safety concerns.


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