How I Met Your Dad, Really?


Everyone who watched the entire final season of How I Met Your Mother they will agree that it was by far the worse of the series.  The writers or the studio rushed the story along which could have been slit between two season in to one and ended up losing fans when they watch the final episode.

How there are rumors that the studios are in process of developing a spin-off called “How I Met Your Dad”.  Not quite sure if another cast could replace the dynamics of the original HIMYM cast, Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lilly and Barney.  They interlocking stories entertained us for several seasons and it felt like their lives were a part of ours as we made our way through our early thirties.

Curiosity does have a way of diminishing reluctance and allows us to give something a chance.  So like most fans of HIMYM, we will patiently wait for the premiere of the spin-off just for the sake of. We will add more updates about the spinoff when we receive them.

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