Johnny Clarke - Creation Rebel

Some may say there is no place for  vintage Reggae music but honestly that is definitely not a sentiment that is shared among die hard Reggae fans.  This is evident in musical tracks from the Johnny Clarke’s classic ‘Creation Rebel’ compilation on 17 North Parade record label.

From his breakout single “None Shall Escape The Judgment” in 1974, Johnny Clarke had a remarkable run of success as a reggae hitmaker in Jamaica, which extended to Jamaican communities in England, America, and beyond. His penchant for taking Bob Marley album cuts and putting his own innovative cover versions to work in the Jamaican dancehall belies his skill as an original songwriter.

The Creation Rebel collection loads 30 shots, expertly curated by Greensleeves top man, Chris O’Brien, including “None Shall Escape” and roots anthems “African Roots,” “Cold I Up,” and “Don’t Want To Be No Rudeboy.”

The sets leads off with “Jah Love Is With I” and “Bad Days Are Going,” which comprised a two-headed monster of a Greensleeves 12-inch single from 1979, also slated for re-release in September 2018.

Listen to some more of the very best music from Johnny Clarke below:

Johnny Clarke - Very Best 25 Massive Hits (Full Album)

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