Diferences between the old days and today


It was a period when we thought everything in our lives were good, carefree and fun.  The good old days is what they called it.

But is it really the good old days?  There are several aspects of our society that were in turmoil such as the fight for civil rights and war.  But did those factors affect every day life?  Some may argue that it had little effect, but for those who were the subject of those civil rights violations or those on the battlefield frontline, it may not have been the good old days.

To be free is the absolute absence of fear or restrictions of living in a society.  Was the good ole days a time where freedom was accessible to all?  The answer is no.  So it was not the good ole days.  Regardless of how we felt about the issues that people had to deal with, it is an absolute certainty that it was simpler and more dangerous that today.

Today, we are creating unnecessary fears to justify the argument that life is worse than it was in the past.  We are unwilling to accept diversity resulted in the improvement of life for all, and inclusion expanded creativity and ingenuity.  There are a lot more people who are becoming color blind and now focus on the disgusting nature of one people instead of an entire group of people.

Kids are now becoming the adults and they are sharing  their life experience with their parents who may still possess bigoted ideology because of how they were raised.  Our society is moving in a direction that is inclusive of all, but when we have leaders who are from the “good ole days” they try to bring us back to a time when they thought “American was great”.

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