6 Tech Gadgets You Have to Try This Summer

Upgrade your life this summer which these 6 tech gadgets sure to bring some luxury and fun to your everyday.

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Summer is here! If you have been itching to get out of your home office and out into the world, the gadgets listed below can be a wonderful way to enjoy life outdoors, connect with loved ones, and enjoy the season.

  1. 1 Start a Nano Garden

    You don't need a lot of space to enjoy gardening. With a nano garden, you can grow

    • greens
    • herbs
    • fresh flowers

    in a very small footprint inside an apartment. This clever tool allows you to control the moisture, light, and any necessary fertilizer to keep your fresh veggies producing all year round.

  2. 2 Stay Healthy

    The Monos Clean Pod sterilizes surfaces in just 30 seconds. If you plan to do a little backpacking or visit a local park for a picnic, you can use this to disinfect the table before you and your family sit down and enjoy your sandwiches and chips.

    These useful sterilizers put a fluorescent light to work that penetrates the DNA and RNA of pathogens and destroying their ability to procreate and spread. It is rechargeable in about two and a half hours and can easily fit in a backpack or a purse. If you have missed traveling in 2020, this is a great investment before you get back on the road. For those who have been looking for ways to help internationally, manufacturer Monos commits part of the proceeds of every sale to fighting COVID in India.

  3. 3 Cook for Friends

    Consider adding a sous vide tool to your cooking arsenal. The ability to add heat to the pot with a simple wand means that you can build a regimen of steaks, chops, and even thinly sliced roasts that you can store in a sealed bag and heat up in a pot of water. The biggest benefit of sous vide cooking is that the heat is low enough to slowly cook the flavors of meat back into the flesh. It's a great way to tenderize meat.

    Many folks who love to camp will cook meat until it is mostly done via the sous vide method, then sear the steak over a fire.

  4. 4 Catch a Movie

    Consider an all-in-one projector that you can take with you and project anywhere. The Anker Capsule comes in red and black and offers four hours of video, 360 degrees of audio, and the chance to build your own drive-in theatre.

    All you need is a blank concrete wall to show your movies. If you are camping in a secluded spot, hang a white shower curtain on your pop-up clam shelter and snuggle in for cool breezes, good friends, and a bug-free evening.

  5. 5 Enjoy a Beverage and a Snack

    Don't forget the treats! Consider investing in an Otterbox thermos with a cocktail shaker top. Fill with chilled wine, or power up a margarita or mixed drink for the grownups to share on your summer adventure.

    You can store your snacks in sealed Silo containers that can let you know when the avocadoes are ready. This storage system can save you a lot of wasted food in the years to come; it's a bigger investment than just the summer season!

  6. 6 Secure Your Home More Effectively

    This is the summer to start increasing your security as well as your fun. Consider improving your home internet with new cat5e stp ethernet cables.

    Consider also adding smart locks to your home. While a lot of this technology has been around for a while, smart locks are offering more flexibility as the tools get more popular. With a Schlage Home locking system, you can open your front door via

    • voice command to Alexa

    • access code

    • phone command

    • physical key

    For those with children, making sure that everyone who enters your home is known to you is also critical. While the weather is nice, consider adding a wireless solar video camera to your front door that you can activate and monitor on your phone.


Whether you plan to summer in place, get into the wilderness, or fly to a far-off spot, adding any of these tech tools to your camping gear, your front door or your kitchen will improve your life this summer and far into the future.


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