Would You Leave Your Spouse If You Stop Having Sex?

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Men who were rejected sex regularly construed this as their “partners not wanting them”.   This can spawn from years of sexual deprivation.  During a recent conversation with a few men living in Japan I discover they all had similar situations where their spouse shut them off sexually after having children.  

In one case the man hadn’t have sex since his child was born 16 years ago.  As a result, they are on the verge of a divorce.   The wife accepts the fact that sex is not an important part of her life, therefore she is willing to leave with the children.  She also encourages the husband to go out on dates in order to find someone new, because she does not care to be physical with him again.    

In another situation the couple has three children all over 10 years old.  The wife allows all three children to sleep in her bed which forces the husband to sleep in another room.  This has been happen ever since the birth of the first child.  Although, they may not have physical intimacy, they have an ammicable relationship and a wonderful family.  The spouse speaks freely about her unwillingness to engage in sexual intercourse and kept saying, “she can do without it”.  As for the husband, he is obviously sexually frustrated but is numb to it after all this time.  

Relationships can exist without physical intimacy, however human beings have a desire to connect physically  Although it could be avoided temporarily, after a while people tend to yearn some form of physical connection.  Husbands who are sex deprived either accepts it and live without or watch a lot of porn, cheat or just leave the relationship.

  1. What would you do if your partner stopped having sex after having kids?

    1. Watch porn
    2. Get it elsewhere
    3. Live without it
    4. Leave the relationship
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  2. Do you believe sex is only for procreation and not for recreation?

    1. Procreation
    2. Recreation
    3. I don't care
    7 votes
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