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Caution – Spoilers ahead for The Boys season 1

Here’s what to expect from season 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Boys. The debut season of The Boys introduced all the story’s major players, including Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk and The Female and depicted a world where superhero behavior has spiraled dangerously out of control. Acting as prime antagonists for the series are the Vought corporation and their leading super-powered team, the Seven – a world famous group of heroes whose god-like facade betrays some seriously murky goings-on.

The Boys season 1 revealed that Vought have been creating the “supes” all along and were also instrumental in covering up a scandal involving Billy’s wife. The season finale ends with the shocking reveal that Billy’s wife, who has been presumed dead for years, has actually been secretly raising a child that came about as a result of being raped by Homelander.

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The Boys Season 2 Release Date

The Boys was confirmed for a second season even before the first had premiered. This early renewal is not only a sign of Amazon’s faith in The Boys, but also an opportunity to gain a head start on production for season 2. Evidently keen not to lose momentum, fans can perhaps expect Amazon to deliver a fairly quick turnaround on The Boys season 2, with a release in late 2020/early 2021 a reasonable guess at this stage.

The Boys Season 2 Cast

The cast for The Boys season 2 will likely stay more or less the same, albeit with a few notable alterations. Elisabeth Shue’s Stillwell is now gone, meaning Giancarlo Esposito’s Mr. Edgar looks set to have a far larger role when The Boys returns. Along with Amazon’s season 2 renewal, it was also revealed that Aya Cash would be joining The Boys as Stormfront.

A gender-flip from the comic books, Stormfront is essentially the prototype superhero in the mythology of The Boys, developed in 1930s Germany by the Nazi party. Still alive in 2019 due to slower aging, Stormfront is, unsurprisingly, a massive racist and leads a group of Neo-Nazis as leader of the Payback group. Essentially the father (now mother) of the Seven, Stormfront is an extremely powerful hero, similar to Homelander in strength, and is based on DC’s Shazam.

The Boys Season 2 Story

The finale episode of The Boys season 1 concluded with a huge bombshell that deviates considerably from the comic books, as Billy’s wife was not only revealed to be alive, but secretly raising Homelander’s son. This revelation suggests that The Boys‘ second season could move even further away from its source material, as Billy has finally found the person whose disappearance triggered his crusade against superheroes. Furthermore, The Boys season 2 will almost certainly deal with the ramifications of Homelander’s sudden move into parenthood and, with Stillwell’s death, the Seven are sure to have even more power than before.

One of the biggest drawbacks coming out of The Boys‘ debut season was a distinct lack of material featuring the infamous five together and kicking superhero butt, but season 2 should be a very different beast in this regard. The central five members of Butcher’s Boys are now firmly together, with The Boys‘ first season taking time to establish the character and personality traits of each. With introductions now out of the way, season 2 should showcase more of The Boys doing what The Boys do best.

The comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson provide some hints as to the direction The Boys season 2 will take. Based heavily on Bruce Wayne/Batman, the hero Tek-Knight is a prominent figure in the comics after Hughie officially joins the gang and has already been mentioned on the Amazon TV series as the hero responsible for crippling the woman in the group therapy scene. Being clumsy with spines isn’t Tek-Knight’s only flaw, unfortunately, as his comic incarnation has an uncontrollable sex obsession, with people, animals and inanimate objects all potential targets. It’ll be fascinating to see how this is adapted into live action, if at all.

Following on from the events of The Boys season 1, future episodes will surely deal with the questionable decision to allow superheroes into the U.S. military and in order for Butcher to gain the upper hand on his super-abled foes, he may need help from a key figure seen in The Boys‘ comic series: The Legend. An old man who used to turn the adventures of Vought’s finest into comic books, The Legend has an encyclopedic knowledge of superheroes, including their dirty laundry.

The Boys season 1 is currently available on Amazon Prime. Season 2 is without a release date.

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